Thursday Thoughts & a Question or Two…………………

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has been quoted as  saying “the United States will regret pulling out of the Iran nuclear weapon treaty”. As opposed to what exactly? Regretting we entered into the treaty in the first place? By the way just an observation but, I would hate to be the poor servant tasked with cleaning this camel jockey’s head sheets. One wonders if the thread count varies according to the seasons in Iran? Just wondering………

John McCain has expressed regret recently on choosing Sarah Palin as his running mate when he lost an election that allowed an un-American socialist become President. Well John I expressed regrets for voting for you in that election. The only reason I did vote for you was Sarah Palin. Why? Because she at least had the backbone and nerve to want to engage Obama on his record. You didn’t like that so you instructed your election team to tell her to settle down since she was second fiddle to you. Ever since you have proven to be a horrible politician who is nothing but a Liberal/Progressive. I for one am glad you will no longer be representing Americans in the political arena.

Here’s a new one from the religion of peace and tolerance, Islam. A woman named Britta Brown recently attempted to slash the throats of several bus passengers before being subdued by the bus driver. While being arrested and read her rights she immediately asked forgiveness for her actions and hoped Allah would forgive her. To bad she didn’t think that way BEFORE she injured innocent people.

More evidence that some human beings just ain’t too bright. In India a tourist was mauled to death by a bear when the guy decided the bear looked friendly enough to take a selfie of him and the bear for social media sake. Apparently the bear didn’t want his image splashed across the internet because he tore the tourist and budding nature photographer apart. The wildlife park where this event occurred is now thinking about posting warning signs so visitors will know that selfies with the bears might be risky. Alas nothing is fool-proof for the sufficiently talented fool.

A recent study at an Australian University found that women who consumed large amounts of fast food had a more difficult time getting pregnant.  Conversely women who ate a lot of fruit got pregnant easily. OK, so the way progressives believe that contraception should be a medical necessity covered by government-run healthcare does that mean the government should be buying women lunch? Hey, I wanna know……….

United Kingdom schools are in the process of removing a useless relic of the past. That relic is the analog clock. Seems British kids can’t tell what time the devices show anyway since we are in the digital age.

Middlebury College in Vermont charges about $70,000 a year to ‘educate’ your child. What exactly does this liberal bastion of ‘higher education’ provide for this exorbitant amount? How about: classes teaching the art of being a feminist, anti-racist, anti-capitalist. Eco-criticism & Global Environmental Justice. Feminism and Food.  American Misogyny. You probably get the idea, this so-called school teaches garbage. Ironically, isn’t it funny they teach anti-capitalism while charging students 70 grand. Right there you know something is wrong.

AA’s favorite Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has become quite popular since TV cameras caught her napping after knocking back a few Jack Daniel’s Whiskies before a State of the Union speech. Feminists and other liberal/progressive women are getting little Auntie Ruthie tattoos to honor the witch of SCOTUS. Have to wonder if these women are doing this sober or following Ruthie’s whiskey diet first?

A group called MSSN Muslim Student’s Society of Nigeria is calling President Trump uncivilized because he stated Muslim slaughter of Nigerian Christians was wrong. Seems this branch of the religion of ‘peace’ believes killing Christians is not uncivilized and is necessary to free Nigeria from Christian influence. Islam proves once again how tolerant and peaceful it really is.

Finally the witch that refuses to go away, Hillary Clinton has found a new group to blame for her loss to President Trump. That new voting group is the American Socialist. Well now Hillary, since you did cheat the socialist’s favored candidate Bernie Sanders (anyone else think a socialist like Sanders has the perfect initials B.S.) out of the nomination you might ‘gulp’ actually be right about this theory. Socialists are a moody bunch and they hold grudges. WOW, never thought that would happen. Namely, me agreeing with anything that demon from hell would say. I still celebrate her losing the election.

Thanks for reading………………………….





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