Why Are So Many People Offended By Honesty???

While growing up I heard more than once how honesty was a good thing. Honesty is the best policy. Always be honest. Always answer a question honestly. So pardon me for being a bit confused but it seems today’s society just doesn’t tolerate honesty. Honesty is even considered to be a bad thing in certain situations and frankly as an old-timer I just wonder why?

America’s last election was a good example of differing views on honesty. Hillary Clinton was caught up in several scandals, she cheated with members of her own party to steal the nomination from the runner-up, Bernie Sanders and leaked e-mails showed she was even cheating in an attempt to steal the election from Trump. She was even snarky and so full of her own hubris that she never expected to lose the election. Yet for all her cheating and evil  ways, who took most of the criticism concerning what he said when answering questions? President Trump. He voiced truthfully that his supporters did not want illegal immigrants to continue invading America. The press and politicians said he was too stern and mean when talking about illegals, er undocumented invaders. Can’t have that. Why not? He was voicing his opinion that happened to coincide with his voters opinions. Why was this honesty being mean? It just wasn’t illegal immigration either. Talking point after talking point concerning America’s issues and the press and other politicians told Trump to tone it down. He was going to lose because he was hurting people’s feelings. Luckily for America Trump had enough back-bone to be honest with these critics and tell them to bugger off because he was doing what his supporters wanted. Turns out on election night half of America found his honesty refreshing enough to vote him in as President. The other half of America, well lets just say they are still offended, still crying and still lying.

Honesty isn’t just under assault during large spectacles like elections. Honesty is also under assault in everyday life. The work place for instance. Time was if a member of a department or team made a mistake, the person in charge would speak to that person and together their discussion would hopefully lead to a coaching moment where the employee learned from their mistake and the boss let his employee know why the mistake was costly. Now however, at least where I work, you can’t single someone out for making an error. That might hurt their feelings. So a generic e-mail is sent to everyone pointing out some mistake that was made and everyone is admonished to not make the same mistake. Funny, but I know everybody usually knows who made the mistake in the first place and the e-mail is usually just a funny and useless way to point out what everyone already knows. Yet for the sake of not offending or singling out someone honesty takes it on the chin. Again, why?

Well the answer to why is unfortunately the fact that society seems to believe that everyone can’t handle the truth. While that may be the case for some people, for those of us who know better we can see this side-stepping of honesty for what it is, namely a way to make lying easier. That is correct, I call them like I see them. Politicians running for office will tell illegal immigrants they care about their dreams and aspirations. After-all you want them  in America because they vote even though they have no right to do so. When talking to citizens who may not like that ‘dreamer’ scheme a politician secretly supports the rhetoric will be for tougher but fairer immigration laws. This is actually an outright lie but both voting blocks just might buy the BS the politician is selling. No hurt feelings everyone is happy and maybe an election is won. WIN.WIN.WIN.

Well maybe and maybe not. I have always supported the direct approach to offering my opinions or giving advice. Sometimes people are shocked but I believe for the most part people welcome honesty and find it refreshing. When you attempt to temper or make your response less direct or blunt, I feel you run the risk of your message being interpreted incorrectly or maybe the recipient is so confused by what you’re saying that solid practical advice becomes useless to them. I would rather say what I think and hope the requester receives a fair and honest answer instead of some politically correct jibber jabber that is designed to massage their beliefs or feelings. I guess this old dog just prefers his old tricks instead of learning and trying new tricks that just seem pointless and maybe dishonest.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog. I mean that honestly…………….

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