Selective History…………………

I find history more interesting the older I get. One of the fascinating aspects of history is how depending on who writes the historic stories and legends the descriptions of history  become selective. Some historical facts become ingrained in society’s mind while other historical facts although true seem to be forgotten about or become minor details because another historical story has overshadowed or replaced certain facts. I will give you an example of this to help explain my thinking.

I have been a baseball fan since I was a child and thought I knew who the first major league baseball player of color was, Jackie Robinson. I accepted this for many decades as an absolute truth. Why baseball even celebrates Jackie Robinson Day every year during the baseball season and every Major League Baseball team has retired his number so now no player can ever wear it on their uniform. Color me surprised when I recently found that in the very early days of major league baseball, it’s infancy really, 1884 to be exact, Moses Fleetwood Walker played major league baseball. Crikey, all my years as a fan and follower of the game and I never knew this. Why isn’t Mr. Walker celebrated then instead of Jackie Robinson? I can only surmise that for whatever reason, Jackie Robinson’s story became more embraced for whatever reason and poor Mr. Walker became a footnote of no particular interest. As a cynic, could it be that the media, academia and historians could be socially engineering us to believe our past history is so awful and terrible that any instance where society was actually diverse and  treated people of color equally shouldn’t be known? I mean many elites and experts seem to believe we are just now embracing true diversity in our country by force of government rule in many instances. Terrible Americans how dare you have a black baseball players in the 1880s. There were reportedly several others who were of mixed race and might have passed themselves off as white instead of black. Whatever, Jackie Robinson is a black icon and Moses Walker is barely known.

I attended a concert by a Big Band that plays many venues in my area. Listening to good music is always enjoyable. I was struck with the thought that over the years even back in the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s how diverse the music makers of those eras were. Nat King Cole, Dizzy Gillespie, Cootie Williams, Lionel Hampton, Tommy Dorsey etc.etc etc….. Black musicians, White musicians and many Latin and Hispanic musicians. All thrived and produced quality entertainment for anyone who wished to enjoy their sounds. No affirmative action, no quotas, no enforced diversity for diversity sake, just quality entertainment from what happened to be a diverse group of people. How did that happen in an America that many people now feel was unenlightened and hated everyone? I guess it could just be coincidence or luck. I feel it was due to the fact people are a lot more tolerant and accepting than our elites who think they rule us, think we are. Creating diversity plans and agendas that use discrimination to combat discrimination is not a good policy. Chances are the only thing you will accomplish is creating and perpetuating racism and discrimination.

Not a day goes by where there is a statue or monument with historical value that is removed because some cry-baby is offended. It started with the Civil War monuments and rebel flags. Now our Founding Fathers are considered despicable slave owners. Heck even one college in the mid-west I believe, had students complaining about a statue of Gandhi needing removal because Gandhi was allegedly racist. Freaking Gandhi man !!! Are you kidding me? Sadly no, society is not kidding about removing history. All history encompassing all countries, civilizations and empires throughout the world has had good and bad times, good and bad leadership and has committed good or evil acts. We humans are fallible and sometimes we do great things and sometimes we don’t. History is supposed  to be a teaching moment so we can hopefully not make the same mistakes twice or more. History is not something that needs to be re-edited, re-written and certainly not removed because some malcontent believes something from the past is degrading or objectionable.

Heck, our country has people now who have been raised and believe diversity is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Sorry but I have embraced diversity all my life with no intervention from my government or elites required. I judge people by their character. If that is now considered wrong I don’t want to be right. I think it is absolutely ridiculous that there are people who believe Whites are racist whether they know it or not. That Black people can’t be racist. That you are stealing another person’s culture because you might wear an prom dress that is Asian in design. Come on people, as I wrote before GET A GRIP. Just as our history has not always been evil and unenlightened, not every least little thing is about cultural appropriation or discrimination. Stop the griping and get on with living. Living the best life you can as an individual and respect other people’s decision to do the same. By creating a group think cultural  atmosphere highlighting and telling people a race or group of people are evil and don’t have control because they don’t even know it is just a receipe for diaster. That is not embracing diversity, that thinking is creating divisions. Divisions America dealt with in days gone by with a lot more enlightenment and thought than we seem to have now.

Just one humble bloggers opinion and observation. Thanks for taking the time to read this blog.

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