Get a Grip on Reality……………………

Saw an article recently that asked the question: What do we do about Incels? Incels and their ‘affliction’ became known world-wide when one of their ‘sufferers’ decided to run down innocent people with a van in Canada. I guess he figured if he was suffering then he would share that suffering with others. Call me crazy but I do not see this murdering psycho as anything more than a murdering psycho. Incels in case you may not be aware allegedly suffer from involuntary celibacy. I believe when I was a teenager that was called ‘can’t get laid’. In these supposedly more enlightened times however we have an alleged victim hood group that needs help. Help from who? Get a grip people, help yourselves out by practicing a little self-control and discipline. Maybe if extreme measures are really needed a weekend in Vegas with some call-girls might help. Murder just isn’t a good stress manager.

Same thing now-a-days with this gender fluidity BS. We apparently have victims of gender identity confusion freely walking among us. Listen up folks, you are either male or female. Anything else is either a birth defect or a mental disorder. You ain’t confused you’re just filled with some psycho babble nonsense that indoctrinated you into believing it is OK to be whatever gender you want to be other than what you really are. I theorize this is probably caused by our education system promoting the falsehood that as long as a kid feels good about what they want to be they can be want they want to be. OK maybe when you are talking about careers which are varied, genders however only have Column 1-Male or Column 2-Female.

This self-absorbed, me first and only me attitude is succeeding in confusing society and creating a bunch of young people who can’t function unless somebody or even all society agree and coddle their fairy tale lives. We have folks who identify as black when their white, an Asian when they are Caucasian, heck I read about one individual who said they identified as a squirrel. Come on people, get a grip. Unfortunately instead of helping these misguided, misinformed and overly sensitive people by explaining why they are living a childish fantasy, the ruling elites demand society condones, coddles and accepts these people as victims.

My solution is stop the coddling and stop the insanity. If the afflicted young person is under 21 just point out that according to their anatomy they are a male or female. Any other issues can be dealt with by medical treatment from an MD or if necessary a mental health professional. Preferably a pro who has training and treatment methods that are actually rooted in reality. If these youngsters think they are a different race, nationality or whatever from what they are, well make-believe is fun to play but ultimately they need to know it is just a game.

For individuals who are adults, well a sit down discussion revolving around the responsibility of being an adult might be warranted. Again you are what you were born as. Embrace yourself and find the best way possible to live a good life. Sorry, being a Gold Medal winning young man one day and thinking you’re a woman when you become older is no way to go thru life. Be all that you can be. Being an adult is playing the hand you were dealt with. Trying to be something you are not will just lead to unhappiness and misery. Just one humble blogger’s opinion.

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