Political Christianity…………

I read quite a few articles on several websites that cover a wide variety of subjects such as politics, culture and faith. I have read several articles recently that have asked both politely and impolitely for Christians to keep their faith out of politics. These articles point out the negative aspects of religion such as Christian Privilege or Christians are just too judgmental. Well I have a response to these writers that I believe they will not be happy to hear, namely I can’t keep my religion out of my political beliefs because my religion helps me live my life knowing right from wrong and good from bad. If that makes me judgmental then so be it. As a matter of fact I believe politics needs more Christian influence so that governing is done more fairly and appropriately.

First things first, I know being a Christian is a privilege. I believe in God, have accepted Jesus as my Savior and I work everyday to live my life according to God’s teachings. I am a true believer. Now the website PATHEOS which has articles from various religions and points of view has a section called Progressive Christian. To each their own but I happen to believe that Progressive/Liberal political views and Christianity just don’t mix and are in fact totally incompatible. Sort of like Islam and Democracy. Oil and water.  You probably get the idea.

For one thing, progressive political thinking views abortion as a woman’s right or in some instances a healthcare issue. A true Christian believes killing an unborn baby is not a right and certainly not a health issue. A progressive believes that Islam is a religion of peace while a Christian knows this is a false premise that has no basis in fact from either a historical perspective or in current events throughout the world. So sorry progressives, my religion rejects some of your core beliefs. When faced with a decision that requires I choose between progressive ideology and God’s ideology I will choose God every-time.

My sense of right and wrong also helps me see the posers and liars in politics. For instance a bill recently passed that provided millions of dollars in funding for Planned Parenthood. Now this bill couldn’t have passed if self-proclaimed politicians who identify themselves as Christians or even against abortion didn’t vote in favor of the bill. If you really are Christian you just made a bad decision to help evil (abortion) continue, if you say you are against abortion and voted for this bill you are also a liar. This helps me know who not to support with my vote next time an election comes along. I have this issue where-by I can’t seem to support a liar for elected office with my vote. I believe in choosing wisely. Of course with politics being what it is today I also choose not to vote between the so-called lesser of two evils anymore. I used to, but now-a-days I can’t vote for anybody who seems to have no moral compass.

I think there is a solution for Christian voters such as myself and others who might be like-minded. There has been talk concerning the need for a viable and true third political party to rival and oppose both the Democrat & Republican parties. Often in today’s political climate Democrats and Republicans seem to act as though they are all following the same playbook for governing. Many members of both parties support abortion, illegal immigration, high taxes, wasteful spending as well as a host of other evil and deceitful practices. How about combating this reprehensible governing by forming a true 3rd party run by true Christians and supporting true Christian believers for political office. Seems like a winning idea to me. We already have representation that has proven again and again it does not represent everyone equally. Why not try representation that will govern and truly represent Christians and Christian beliefs?

Christian privilege? Why Thank You, yes I’ll take some of that. It sure beats the alternative where politicians seem to embrace evil ideology and try to force people to change their Christian views to a more secular based mindset. In my mind God and His values and teachings are needed more than ever. Just my humble opinion. Thanks for reading.



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