The Earth Day Scam……….

Sunday April 22nd Earth Day. Hey man lets save the planet dude………..Yeah right. Hold on there dude. You might want to consider a few things before smoking that wacky weed and picking up some recycling at the nearest beach.

Back in the 1970s when the cultural revolution was taking place and Earth Day started the prediction was that 15 to 30 years was all our planet had to live because of us disgusting, horrible human beings and our  disgusting,horrible habits. Funny, I look around today and frankly I see plenty of evidence that the Earth is alive and well. How could this be, since I am still being told by environmental Nazis like Al Gore that the world is ending? Funny how the predictions of our world’s demise keep being made but the world keeps surviving. Kind of makes a person think that environmental knuckle-heads like Bill Nye are how shall I say this nicely, NUTTIN_FUTZ!!! Typical con-game theatrics, create a crisis, set a time line, collect money to study crisis and predict further doom and gloom to keep the gravy train rolling. Simple and effective. People fall for it, governments fall for it and people like Gore and his minions profit.

But dude pollution is going to choke us to death man and America is the worst. OK dude, most third world countries are the leading polluters on our planet. You might know these places by the appropriate and descriptive term ‘S@%T Hole Countries’. India, Africa, China etc.etc. etc….America recycles more than anyone and has emission standards that are higher than anywhere else in the world. Not bragging just fact.

But dude the oceans are rising and threatening our coastlines. Really, then why does Al Gore own beach-front property? Seriously, how many ship expeditions have been trapped in Arctic ice that had environmental nut-jobs on board who wanted to study the melting ice but became stuck in it instead? Go ahead dude I will wait while you look that up. The ice ain’t melting and the coasts are safe. Drink you cocoa and eat your cookies. Everything is alright.

But we humans are worse than the asteroid that killed the T-Rex and his food. Cool it dude, no we’re not. We recycle and always have. When I was a kid paper bags were used as book-covers, trash can liners, bottles were returnable. We just did it because that was how it was done. We didn’t have programs or government rules to force us to. It was just a good habit and made common sense. Appliances were easily repairable. cars too. Again, look it up guy this is all true.

Climate change is a scam. There is no warming, no cooling just weather. Mother Nature is fickle. This planet has seen worse than us and has survived. My take on this environmental BS is, a bunch of powerful, arrogant people want to control less powerful people by using climate as a weapon. Stay educated and don’t fall for it. Earth Day indeed. Best thing about a tree is all the things you can make from it after its cut down.  My Earth Day suggestion, wallow in the mud with friends. After all mud wrestling is an ancient art form, or sso I have heard. Stay dirty my friends.








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