What Privacy???…………………

Seems modern society is going over-board these days with the concept of ‘sharing’. We use social media to share pictures, comments, happenings and just about everything and anything we do or even think about doing. We allow companies like Facebook to record information about where we live, where we work, whether we’re single or married etc.etc.etc. Funny however when we realize the information that we freely give to Facebook is then used by another entity. Then people get upset and demand to know what happened to their privacy. What did users of Facebook think happened to their information? Facebook is as far as I know free to use so how do users think Zuckerberg became so rich? Selling and sharing information has been going on for a long time and certainly predates social media.

I used to work in IT for a book publishing company that made profits not from the books and magazines they published and sold but from selling names and addresses of consumers who purchased those books and magazines. The companies they sold these names and addresses to were then used to send out fliers and advertisements for all sorts of products. This was how the junk mail industry stay supplied with people they could send ads to. Today in our electronic world we still may receive junk mail once in a while but on the whole I believe most of our junk mail is now junk e-mail. Same formula for advertisers just a different format.

Since 9/11 privacy has been hard to come by. Once upon a time Americans valued their privacy and guarded said privacy very closely. After 9/11 the government took advantage of the terror Islam unleashed on America by using that terror to spy and watch its citizens more closely than ever. Airport security increased and rightly so but, then some idiot passed rules making it a crime to target Islamic Muslims as potential terrorists and now everyone is a suspect. Insanity, but insanity does seem to be a commodity that America produces in vast quantities. I guess for the sake of security you can never be sure that a senior citizen with a walker shouldn’t be stripped searched for fear of being a suicide bomber.

Cell phone use exploded and of course the Feds tasked the NSA with the job of listening in on ‘random’ calls just to make sure people were not planning some nefarious acts against America. Not sure if the innocent calls are purged or kept in a data base somewhere for future use when the ‘thought police’ come into being and what you thought was innocent to say in 2009 is now a crime. Color me skeptical but as I have written before I trust the Feds about as much as I trust in Hillary Clinton being an honest politician. Oh well I hope I have given and will continue to give an NSA operative somewhere an amusing moment or two with my phone conversations.

Of course everyone uses a PC, tablet or other device for everything from watching TV to using social media/networking sites. We pay bills on-line, do banking, look for dates, buy stuff and we do so with the expectation that our information stays secret. Yeah good luck with that. Every now and then some company or other seems to have a data breach and that ‘secret’ information is shared with who knows who. Sometimes it might be criminals who get our information sometimes its just an annoying e-mail spammer but dang-it we want our info safe. Ironic since most people share enough of their private lives on-line that you would think they really don’t care who knows what about them. Funny how we want privacy until we all of a sudden don’t want privacy and then we want privacy again. How many times have celebrities made sex videos of their exploits freely with no sense of shame yet, get upset when said video is released to the public. Here is an idea, don’t make a video of something you don’t want to share with the whole world. DUH!!!

Privacy like many good traditions is sadly a relic of an older more laid back time. Cameras are everywhere now-a-days and with every cell phone having cameras and light poles, traffic cams, ATMs, and such it is a wonder anyone gets away with committing a crime. Privacy, I knew and loved you well, sorry to see you go…………


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