Common Sense in the Age of Non-Sense………………….

Mary Barra is a chief executive with General Motors. Her management philosophy is refreshing to say the least. When called upon to enhance GM’s ten page dress code she replaced the entire ten pages with two words “Dress Appropriately”.

I am a big supporter of K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid). Unfortunately in our modern age it seems like idiots abound who need every simple thing spelled out for them. Common sense is sparingly practiced and too many people are actually walking around without even a small amount of thinking skills. Once upon a time Americans dressed fashionably. Men wore suits and ties, women dressed stylishly and no-one or probably darn few businesses worried about dress codes. Fashion has unfortunately fallen off the deep end today. Of course when you are creating clothes for people who are confused about what gender they are or why they have trouble finding a job when their face is pierced and tattooed, I guess I can’t totally blame the clothes manufacturers.  I work in IT for a Healthcare company and a new dress code was recently published for employees to follow. Along with common sense items like shoes being shined and clothes being clean and not in any way distracting, there were a few guidelines that seemed odd and amusing to me. For instance the guidelines for appropriate underwear use provided a few laughs. Personally my underwear is my personal business and my employer better stay out of my boxer or briefs decision-making. Frankly everyone with any common sense realizes the new dress code was probably thought up by a new upper management type that probably had too much time on their hands. As GM now directs ‘Dress Appropriately” is the rule I follow and works best for me.

Dress codes aside, common sense is also in short supply when employers attempt to enact one size fits all rules for employees. My employer requires everyone to get a flu shot every year even though most years the vaccine they provide is maybe 25-30% effective for the flu that might be infecting society. Doesn’t matter how effective or not the shot is, if you don’t get one you can be terminated. Another bother is taking required training for something I will never use. Recently I completed training on proper Medicare billing procedures. I do not see patients or bill patients but yet someone in management thought everyone could benefit from this training. Sorry but I don’t see any value in learning something I will never use. Ironically the company also talks about ways to eliminate wasteful procedures and using one’s time more efficiently. I never did get a reply to the suggestion about eliminating useless training courses. Common sense would dictate if you don’t need it you shouldn’t have to waste time learning it.

McDonald’s of course was sued when a moron bought a cup of coffee in the drive-thru lane and spilled the coffee causing her to suffer burns. Sorry for your pain but frankly the multi-million dollar law suit in her favor helped provide stupid people with a forum for being stupid. Now there are warnings on coffee cups in the drive-thru to let people know the coffee is hot. DUH!!! Warning labels telling us not to eat this or that, play with plastic bags, or even public service announcements urging us to not race trains at a train crossing. REALLY!!! Come on now, whatever happened to the time-honored tradition of thinning the herd?

I have an idea. Instead of schools teaching useless subjects pertaining to gender fluidity studies, subjects teaching the horrors of myths like white privilege or some of the other non-sense that passes for education now-a-days, maybe we should teach common sense. Don’t eat Tide pods, snort condoms, do drugs or whatever else might be a danger. Stop teaching non-sense and get back to teaching common-sense. Today’s young people are more confused than ever about stuff that was second nature to many of us that grew up in the 1960s or even 1970s. I realize every older generation probably goes thru this with a younger generation. I am sure I probably appeared brain-dead to my parents a time or two while growing up. It’s just that now as an older person I guess I just have the feeling that many of the youth and supposed future of this country don’t seem to know the difference between common sense and having no sense. I guess I am just a typical old geezer.




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