Growing Old Gracefully & Sometimes Not So Gracefully……………………….


Aging is inevitable especially if you stay above ground longer than you ever expected. When I was younger I didn’t give aging any thought what-so-ever. I guess I always thought ‘if I make it great, if not oh well’. I find myself still above ground at the not so ancient age of 62 and I find myself at a cross-roads in life. One direction leads to aging gracefully, the other direction is aging not so gracefully.  Man I don’t know what to do, so after giving the matter a few minutes of undivided attention and brain power I believe me and the voices in my head will blaze a new trail that will mix aging gracefully and disgracefully together. So buckle up this might be a bumpy ride.

In many cultures aging is revered. Older people are considered a wealth of useful information and are looked upon as spectators who were actual witnesses to history. In America old people are well, just old people. Everything from advertising to entertainment is geared for audiences that trend younger. I lost count of all the TV shows I liked that were cancelled because the 18-50 year old demographic wasn’t watching. Sure as an older person you can get discounts at some restaurants but the senior menus feature less food for the less money you might pay. Not exactly fair in my mind. Don’t even get me started on TV commercials aimed at us old folks. Commercials like ‘Help I’ve Fallen and I can’t get up’ or that evil wench Joan Lunden and her “A Place for Mom” ads. Yo Joan, you’re a celebrity. Can’t Mom bunk in your pool house or something. Way to show your love sweet-cheeks. OY. Anyway here are some tips I follow at least once in a while and also try to have some fun with as I age.

Get Checked Out – Alright I admit I only go to a doctor when I feel sick, a pain that lasts longer than say a week or two or chest pains that don’t clear up in two or three days. Hey, just because I’m over sixty does not mean I am going to become a hypochondriac. Actually I am quite proud of myself for recently being able to cut my blood pressure meds in half all while eating whatever I want. So I guess I ain’t doing too bad. Now don’t tell my wife this but I have found that since I turned sixty, when I go grocery shopping during the day like other older people I have older women at the super-market checking me out from time to time. Hey, I’m happily married but what the heck, it kinda feels good. Getting checked out is getting checked out and doesn’t have to mean only the doctor’s office does it?

Enjoy food and drink – Yeah Man!!! Got this one covered. Food consumption is one of my favorite past-times. Pasta, burgers, bacon, pizza, steak etc.etc. I also eat healthy, the occasional salad or a potato also are known to reside on my plate. Cheese-cake, Boston Cream Pie and Apple pie are favorites. Of course getting older means watching some calories so I am not a big fan of chocolate. Don’t drink soda much either. I even try to have balanced meals when I purchase fast food like maybe McDonald’s. If I indulge in my personal favorite a Big Mac I also get a Fish Filet sandwich to go with it. WHY? Well the fish sandwich is healthy relative to the Big Mac. One healthy sandwich with one unhealthy sandwich cancel each other out so the meal isn’t totally unhealthy. Works for me.

Rest & Meditate – Rest is very important as you age. My wife doesn’t always get why I need naps from time to time but at 54 she is a youngster and she will learn. As far as meditating, well as I may have stated before in my blog, meditation usually leads to napping for me. However, I hate being a failure or a quitter so I will keep trying to meditate without sleeping until I get it right.

How Fun and Try New Things – Blogging, is a new hobby I picked up last August. I like researching for blog topics, I like reading, I enjoy researching history and I also like just doing nothing at all.

Notice Appearance Without Being Critical – Now, when it comes to my appearance I am very forgiving. Gray hair, losing hair, ear hair what have you, I got it and I don’t care. I have dressed myself for many years under the guide of dark pants/light-colored shirt or vice versa, It works so I stick with it. Now I also like/love my wife’s fashion sense so whatever she wears I almost always give 2 thumbs up in approval. When it comes to strangers though, well lets just say my judgmental genes become evident. Baggy jeans with boxers showing, I’m the guy laughing when you fall on your butt. Tons of facial piercings, I’m the guy asking ‘didn’t that hurt’? Can’t help it I guess that is just how this old curmudgeon rolls.

Connect With People – Absolutely, from family, friends and even some old classmates from the 1970s I keep in touch. One thing getting older has helped me appreciate is the friends that I have whether we agree on everything or not if we have stayed friends that makes the friendship more special.

Remembering My Youth – Sure thing. I usually remember times where I can’t believe I lived this long because one night I decided to……well there are a number of answers to that. Otherwise I remember my childhood, the neighborhood I grew up in, and a lot of other personally history that helped make me who I am today. I guess my mind is a fairly good scrapbook that I hope will always remain with me. I also have memories of things I did which might be described by the title of a country song I like “What Was I Thinking” usually quickly followed by the song “It Ain’t My Fault”. I guess what they say is true life can be a country song.

Go To New Places – Well now this one my wife and I need to work on. We haven’t been on vacation since the kids were youngins. But we got plans. Hopefully with one son moving to Denver and friends moving to Florida a vacation idea will come to fruition soon.

Get a Pet – More than covered this idea. We got cats. dogs and a parrot to fill our empty nest after the adult youngins moved out. Our furry and feathered friends ain’t much for doing chores but they sure keep us busy and we love them all.

Speak Up – Well now I spoke on this is an earlier blog. When I reached 60 I decided come heck or high water I would exercise my free speech rights every chance I get. This blog has helped and what I have learned over the years has helped also. Ask my opinion on a subject and I assure you I will answer honestly with no politically correct spin anywhere to be found.

Anyway I guess that wraps up my look into my aging mind-set. Yeah I know, I have been told my mind is a scary place. But that’s OK  because it’s mine and mine alone and the inhabitants know and love me.

Nonsensical thought-provoking thought of the day:  If I save time, when do I get it back?




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