Why Do You Always Say That?……………..

The title above came to mind while I was reviewing an article on communication. The article mentioned that a good way to start an argument was usually to ask “Why do you always say that?”. I prefer to think of this question as a comment on why certain people or groups of people do or say things that just make me think WHAT THE HECK?

Politicians – Our previous President used to say ‘That is not who we are”. Really, sir. Just how would you know who we really are. You skated thru elite prep schools, got a free ride to the Ivy League and never actually had what might be called a real job. Just what qualified or qualifies you to know who the American people really are?

Protesting NFL Players – They kneel and disrespect the American flag and then when fans complain they say “I don’t think the fans understand”. Ah, yes, yes we do. We understand that you are protesting the flag of a country that gave you the ability to be filthy rich and yet you believe you are oppressed. We do understand and we reject your protest.

Wealthy Entertainers – “President Trump is evil and whoever voted for him is evil too.” Thanks for the insult but, unlike a majority of idiots who seem to care about entertainers and their lives I do not. I also don’t give a rats rear end what they think of me. But I am glad when they open their pie-holes to insult me because that means I know not to support their movies or entertainment specialty by spending money on seeing or listening to them.

Atheists – “There is no God why are you a Christian and why do I need to tolerate your faith?” Well one reason is freedom of religion you jack-a-lope. The other reason is I tolerate your opinion concerning God but only if you also tolerate my opinion concerning God. Otherwise you are annoying me and stepping on my rights, not a safe place for you to be standing by the way since I take my rights very seriously.

Gender Confused or Gender Fluid People – Look folks you are either male or female, period!!! You don’t get to decide which, your birth already took care of that decision. There is no “I identify as a male/female today.” I don’t care who or what you feel like, use the correct bathroom or you might just wake up in an ER somewhere with no memory of how you got there. CAPEESH? Gender Fluid? Sounds like something that needs changed every 6 months like motor oil.

Mainstream Media – “A poll of uneducated voters…..” Yeah, what you really mean are normal common everyday citizens who don’t agree with you, right? Come on now. Be honest. Sorry I forgot, honesty in journalism doesn’t exist anymore. Hey I guess I just proved my point, I know your dishonest and a pawn for certain politicians so I guess I am smarter than you think.

Professional Sports Team’s GM or Owner – “We’re not tanking or intentionally losing.” Really, could have fooled me. When you jettison your best players and go with unknowns and players with less than stellar histories then you are quite likely losing intentionally.

Professional Athletes Caught Doping – “I don’t know how that could have happened” or “I never intentionally took Performance Enhancing Drugs.”   OH BOY!!! You got caught. Admit you cheated and move on. The only person responsible for your predicament is YOU. No one else. Even if you depended on someone else to give you supplements the drug test was your’s to take so you should have been more diligent. I repeat, admit you cheated and move on.

Gun Control Advocates – “We need to ban guns to make schools safer.” Yikes, since school shootings take place is ‘gun free zones’ why would banning guns be a logical solution? Armed security, carry permits for those who are mature enough to handle a gun, or law enforcement who actually will respond appropriately to a tragic situation are solutions.

Nonsensical thought-provoking thought of the day: If your socks are not in your shoes, don’t look for them in Heaven.









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