Behave?, I Will If You Will……….

I love my wife because in many ways we are polar opposites and that is actually a good thing. As we have progressed thru our marriage and have formed and expressed opinions on everything from politics to decorating to whatever it might be, we have discussed and sometimes VIGOROUSLY discussed a variety of subjects. One constant has been the fact she has more liberal leaning friends than I do and when we attend a social gathering with these folks I know I will hear “Behave yourself”!!! Well I have warned her that since I have reached my early sixties I am no longer willing to behave myself while in the presence of opinionated, demeaning, insulting leftists. I have just plain had enough of keeping quiet while some misinformed moron spouts opinionated gibberish as if it were indisputable truth.

Look, I recognize we all have opinions. Those opinions have been formed by many things: personal experience, what we see and read, research, other people’s opinions that we might believe are correct, like I said many things. Problem is we are almost totally polarized into two opposing viewpoints on just about everything. I personally believe our government wants it that way so we are too busy fighting and arguing among ourselves to see how corrupt and evil our representatives have become. One side likes tradition and what America stands for. The other side wants to change America into some kind of new and improved version of  itself. Both sides feel they are right and don’t agree on much of anything. Neither side wants to hear what the other has to say. Polarized? You betcha.

Instead of civil debate we have name calling, riots against free speech, political correctness, anti fascist groups who ironically use fascist methods to get their point across, STOP THE INSANITY!!! I tried being a nice guy and letting the so-called opposition govern for 8 years with a racist/socialist in the White House. It didn’t work, it made things worse and it proved to me that the government wants nothing less than complete power over me and how I live. Sorry politicians you can’t have that power. I won’t allow you to wield it over me. You already have more power over my life than you deserve.

I know some people will disagree with what I just posited because there are a great many people out there that believe the government needs more power over its citizens. OK believe what you want. You are entitled to your opinion and I am entitled to my opinion. See that, it is called agreeing to disagree. Once upon a time it was often the common ground reached when political disagreements occurred. We need that civility back again.

The left, for a lack of a better descriptive term tells me not to judge others on the color of their skin, nation of origin, gender fluidity and a bunch of other reasons. Fair enough but why then do your chosen candidates judge me as deplorable, racist whether I know it or not, trans-phobic because I believe there are only two genders and heartless because I believe illegal immigrants should not be rewarded for being criminals. I won’t judge you if you don’t judge me. Fair is fair. Screaming at me, accusing me of being evil and whatever else you can think of while ignoring facts contrary to your opinion is not going to get you anywhere. It certainly won’t convince me that your viewpoint is correct and it might also lead me to decide you deserve a punch in the snout. Keep things civil and I will too.

I find irony is unfortunately very prevalent in American politics and society.  One group feels illegals are victims of a heartless system that just won’t forgive them for breaking the law by coming to America illegally. Funny, I believe the real victims are the legal immigrants who follow the rules and relocate according to those rules. How would rewarding lawbreakers not make these law-abiding people victims? Sorry you followed the rules now get to the back of the line……

More irony presents itself with the belief by many that white America is totally racist. Oh really, I do believe many white people dies in the Civil War to help free slaves, I also believe and know from studying history that there were even black southerners who owned slaves. Funny never hear about that. Heck my ancestors did not own slaves or make money from cotton but many politicians believe I owe reparations to black Americans because of slavery. Interesting view-point but like I said, I never owned a slave and today’s black population certainly never picked any cotton. I therefore owe you NOTHING. Another fact I can’t dismiss is, if America is so totally racist how did Obama even get elected not once but twice. Seems to me white America would have never allowed that to happen if we were that racist. Am I missing something here? Don’t judge me by the color of my skin but by the content of my character and I will continue to do the same in return.

There are plenty of examples of how people have become committed to their political doctrine in America and can’t agree. Like I said I believe the Feds want it that way. All the more reason to hope and pray civility comes back to America and it’s citizens unite and force our political class to govern by what is good for all of America. The politics of division and hatred is never going to solve anything and will just lead to anarchy and chaos. Please America, it’s time to come together for the good of everyone.

Today’s nonsensical thought-provoking thought of the day is: “Though the hippopotamus has no stinger in his tail, the wise man would rather be sat on by the bee.”

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