Social Media Zombies………..

I heard a sports talk DJ state that he believed Twitter would someday lead to the end of civilization. While I believe there just might be enough common sense guided people out there to prevent social media Armageddon, I can readily see why that radio host felt that way.

I admit I have never used Twitter nor have I ever seen a use for Twitter. However, just about everybody who is anybody and even nobody has used Twitter to express their opinions and share their lives. Twitter has helped idiots get noticed when they express their idiotic views on everything from politics, to gun control to whatever you can think of. From what I have read a vast majority of Twitter users and their followers would be better served by these individuals being silent. Twitter just appears to be a platform for idiocy and frankly I can do without it.

YouTube is another platform that has unfortunately become populated by mindless fools who think they are being cool by eating Tide detergent pods, performing stupid stunts and well pardon my French but just showing off what kind of jackasses they can be. Very rarely do I indulge in a video from YouTube and that is a shame in that it could be a powerful educational tool if they would just filter the morons off their platform. Alas censorship is not what I support so I guess idiots are going to continue to populate YouTube forever.

Facebook used to be an interesting social media platform until it’s creator became a political pundit. His progressive views are colored by the fact he has more money than God and he will never ever have to live like common folk in the socialist, border free country he preaches about. Facebook has also become a little creepy by tracking users habits while on-line and storing that data for who knows what reason. I still use Facebook from time to time but I have definitely taken a step back on how much times I devote to the platform.

I know there are other social media platforms out there but again I am not interested nor do I find them necessary to use in my life. Funny how things change over the course of time. Once upon a time people seriously defended their right to privacy and now many people are only too happy to share their private lives with complete strangers on social media. One good thing about this willingness to share is it exposes complete imbeciles for what and who they are. For instance, athletic poster child for the look at me generation of pro sports O’Dell Beckham was recently found on social media to be attending a party where lines of a recreational pharmaceutical was in plain view. I’m sure if questioned the drugs were not his, after all they all say that. Clearly however he doesn’t believe you can be judged by the company you keep. I guess having million dollar athletic talent doesn’t prevent you from having a 10 cent brain. Another recent example I read about was a Facebook user who shortly after murdering his wife decided the first thing he needed to do was, change his Facebook status to ‘single’. Thank God for stupid criminals I guess. I’m sure social media morons like Beckham and the idiot murderer are far from isolated incidents.

Social media has many good uses, but like our society there are unfortunately too many people who want their 15 minutes of fame and are quite willing to do anything to attain that fame. Sad really, seems like technology has exceeded our common sense abilities to use it properly. I know God must be laughing somewhere at what a mess his creations are making on social media.

Nonsensical thought-provoking thought of the day: “You could read the whole library my son, but the cheese will probably still smell after four days with no refrigeration.”




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