I’m Not Sure But…………


COEXIST, you see these bumper stickers on cars almost everywhere you go. I have often found the sentiment to be nothing more than Utopian BS but to each their own. Apparently the C = Islam, O = Pacifism, E = Gender equality, X = Judaism, I – Wicca, S = Taoism and T = Christianity. So lets examine this word a bit closer. C for all it’s attempts to portray itself as a religion of peace would like to kill X and T. O would let C accomplish this task because O represents a movement with members who are useless in a fight and don’t believe in self-defense or defending anyone else either. Come to think of it, C would also probably kill E after they were finished with eliminating X and T. Chances are S would suffer the same fate as X, T and E soon followed with I  slowly but surely wiped out at some future time of C’s choosing. O would figure it’s safe since they sat on the side-lines while all this genocide occurred but alas eventually they would also either die or convert to C’s twisted doctrine. COEXIST? I’m not sure but I think someone is making a boat load of money on bumper stickers with a word and concept that cannot possibly be rooted in reality.

Apple computers is listening to its customers and is hard at work on a laptop that promises to be crumb proof. Seems like Apple computer users are destroying their machines when they get messy with the cookies and milk mommy brings them while they are working on their devices. At an estimated price tag of $2700, I’m not sure but maybe Apple’s time might be better served by finding a way to lower that hefty price tag.

According to several internet news outlets America’s most racist President is negotiating with Netflix to produce TV content for their streaming service. Wanting to help the ex-divider-in-chief out I recently submitted a drama/comedy  idea for a show called “Kenya Help a Brother Out?”. The plot would show Barry O as a kid and young adult painfully making his way thru the education system at prestigious private ghetto prep schools in Hawaii and all the trials and tribulations he went thru to become top dog in American politics. Will Smith would be a great choice to play both Barry and Michelle. Hopefully I hear back from Netflix soon with a hefty advance for my brilliant show idea. I’m not sure but I have to believe signing the Obama’s will probably cause Netflix subscriptions to drop.

Senator Kamala Harris of the Peoples Republic of California was recently quoted as saying “California represents America’s future”. She is for once telling the truth and for a politician that can never be easy. Sanctuary state status with no restrictions on illegal immigration is a recipe for disaster. I’m not sure but I believe California’s current problems with crime, homelessness and taxes are contributing to many tax payers moving from California to other states. America doesn’t want that future.

The U.S. Navy has struck upon a great idea, using XBOX like controllers for some of the functions sailors carry out on state of the art submarines. Right now the controllers are being used instead of the old-fashioned rotating periscopes. The controllers help sailors survey the surface while the periscope projects the images on a screen at the sailor’s duty station. I’m not sure but this sounds like a great idea especially since many younger members of the service have grown up already using these controllers for gaming and even watching DVDs.

Daylight Savings Time is here and now I have something extra to worry about. I read about a medical study that found more people with heart ailments die on the Monday after DST occurs than any other day of the year. Interestingly enough the Monday after clocks are turned back an hour in the Autumn fewer people die from heart attacks. I’m not sure but I sure hope I can make it to autumn this year.

A modern term I hear a lot lately is ‘toxic masculinity’. I’m not sure but if being masculine is so toxic, why do families with a strong masculine role model seem to produce children that are better able to fend for themselves and become good role models for their children? Also, since there is an equal and opposite reaction for just about everything, does this mean that women suffer from toxic femininity?

Heard an argument against illegal immigration the other day that I believe cannot be refuted by any illegal immigrant supporters. Basically, if you want to see why illegal immigration is not good for a country’s indigenous population look at what has happened to Native Americans since European settlers illegally immigrated to America.

Today’s non-sensical thought-provoking thought of the day: “If you’re not sure that it’s potato borscht, there could be orphans working in the mines.”

I’m not sure but I believe it is time for my medication.












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