America’s Current Civil War……….

I am a proud American. I believe in the Founding Father’s vision of America and I am proud to say I am an American. I take my rights seriously and exercise those rights as a free person. I have enough years under my belt to realize my country is currently under attack from enemies both foreign and domestic. Unfortunately like too many other Americans it took me too long to realize that the most dangerous enemy America faces currently comes from certain American politicians and their enablers (voters, special interest groups, socialist supporting billionaires etc.etc). America even with all her flaws is still the best country on this planet and I will resist anyone and anything that threatens to change that fact. Progressives, liberals, elites, or whoever believes that America needs to be rebooted into some form of society where government takes care of everybody and everybody is always happy are in for one HELL of a fight from this citizen. My rights are guaranteed by God and the Constitution not by rich suits in Washington D.C.

Civil discussion with socialist/progressives is a thing of the past. These followers and supporters of Bernie Sanders, Obama and their ilk have abandoned debating with facts in favor of shutting down opposing views with insults. Insults substitute for facts because no matter how socialism is presented it has one fatal flaw that cannot be over-come. The flaw is, eventually you run out of other people’s money. No country that currently employs socialism as their form of government is populated by a majority of happy, healthy and prosperous citizens. Cuba? No way otherwise why do Cubans risk death defecting to America, Venezuela? Please!!! Food shortages, riots, inflation have made the common people miserable. Country after country shows socialism doesn’t work and offers proof that it will never work. Unfortunately some American’s think and truly believe it will work here and be different. Well then, offer the proof people. Anybody? Bernie? Barrack? Anyone? Yeah I figured that was going to be a rhetorical query. No facts to back up the premise means accusing the opposition of being Nazis, phobes, or just plain evil.

Politicians need voters to support socialism and unfortunately for liberal/progressive socialists abortion has thinned the herd. What to do? Progressives therefore support allowing illegal immigrants to flood America and then give these criminals preferential treatment like protection from deportation. protection from other crimes they might commit, free healthcare, free education and all they ask in return is for votes supporting socialist programs designed to overwhelm America’s infrastructure. Against illegal immigration? Well then you are a soulless nationalist. Against higher taxes? You are an unpatriotic ingrate. Against bi-lingual education? You are a bigot. On and on it goes while these near-sighted political minions attempt to destroy America. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t just blame Democrats. Republicans, Mainstream news media, entertainers and others are all equally guilty of attempting to destroy America and strip citizens of their God-given rights in favor of their version of utopia. Sorry, I resist with every fiber of my being what progressive socialism stands for..

The Feds govern by division so people are too busy or too angry to see what is really going on. A racist like Obama played the racism card to great effect. Now white people can be racist and not even know it. Really? I don’t think so. Gender confusion? Not for people with common-sense like me. Male/female that’s it in a nutshell. Simple is best. Not sure what race or nationality you want to be? Come on now. You were born what you were born. Play the cards you’re dealt. Want the government to take care of you? Move to Cuba, Britain, Sweden maybe California, they will all probably take you in. Try that socialist utopia for a while and after a year or two get back to me and let me know how you’re doing.

Division is the result of diversity. Division leads to unrest. Unrest leads to chaos. Chaos leads to government intervention. All Americans should be aware that this is the plan. The enemy is progressive and always serious. Progressives and politicians cannot be reasoned with, they cannot be convinced that their plans are misguided and they will never stop. The last election delayed the process but we are still at war. Never surrender, never retreat. God, common sense and history are on our side. Keep voting for reps who will follow the constitution and not repeal it. Vote for leaders who believe in the power of the individual and not the collective. Vote for a return to tradition and the rule of law. Help America, America doesn’t need a reboot. America needs a return to civility, normalcy and common sense. The war is on. Only question is what side are you on? I proudly say I am on America’s side.

OOPS Almost forgot a new Cranky Chronicles exclusive, Wit & Wisdom for Today:

“A wise man never tries to warm himself in front of a painting of a fire”.



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