Technology Has Side Effects………

Cell phones, computers and tablets OH MY!!! We all use them for a gazillion reasons but have we really given thought to how these devices are changing us?

Allegedly, Americans have a problem with obesity. Heck they even need gym memberships to workout and stay in shape. Now don’t get me started on BMI and what doctors and nutrition experts say. I believe food, like most of life is a choice. If it tastes good eat it. However I do believe the fact our society is largely working from home or sitting at a desk does contribute to our overall unhealthy life style. What has made us sitting workers, technology. Get up America, take the occasional walk-about the office to actually see and hear people who you would otherwise be E-Mailing, Texting or Instant Messaging. You will be glad you did.  I have often found it amusing when people contact someone in a cubicle right next to them electronically instead of just talking to them in person. Just seems funny to me.

Keeping in touch electronically is also affecting the basic human need for personal interaction. The virtual world is a poor substitute for hugging, kissing, even giving a hand-shake. Heck spending too much time on Facebook or Twitter can keep us in touch with people far away at the expense of people who may be close by. Kind of an ironic side effect of living in an instant gratification society. Don’t forget to spend time with people you care about by actually seeing them in person. Nothing beats the personal touch when it comes to personal relationships. That even goes for relationship issues. Nothing is worse than someone breaking up with you via text or even getting fired by instant messaging, it’s just down-right RUDE.

Technology can also help people become stupid. I’m sure we all have been amused or frustrated by a cashier who can’t make change because the register is not functioning. Students are having writing issues when they need to use a pen or pencil and that is just idiotic. Come on, teach self sufficiency where a person can function readily with or with-out technology.

Technology can also be very un-reliable. Power outages, poorly made equipment and bugs in software can be frustrating and maddening. I know, I have worked with computers for over 40 years. Believe me it ain’t all fun and games. New parts are sometimes faulty, software upgrades cause unintended issues and there are still plenty of people in our technology driven society who hate and fear technology. There are also the morons who like to hack, infect and cause issues for users just because they can. Keep it simple, back-up everything, have good tech and software protection plans and don’t go on certain ‘free’ sites. That stuff ain’t never totally free. Nudge,nudge, winky, winky, know what I mean……(PORN) for those who still don’t get my meaning.

Technology can also be a financial drain. I-Phones are ridiculously priced yet everyone seems to want one. Addictive, you betcha. People line up for blocks when a new one is released. Lap Tops, Desk Tops, Tablets etc.etc all need to be replaced sooner or later and that cost money.  The quality of these products vary and planned obsolescence or Return on Investment dates seem to be shorter and shorter. Why? Because tech manufacturers know their customers are addicted to these various devices. I guess we are all electronic junkies looking for a tech fix.

My idea on tech is use it if you need it. I prefer to blog on my lap-top although if I really had to I could use my phone or tablet. Facebook? I don’t use it as often as I used to. I find it creepy that Facebook tracks what you do and records all sorts of info on it’s users. Cell phone? Texting mostly with my OMG and several others. Tablet? My kindle is my book library. Twitter, Tumblr etc etc, haven’t found a need or curiosity to make an account. Any way I guess like most things God provides for us, moderation is the key. TaTa for now……………..



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