Saturday Stuff…..

Nadezhda Sergeeva is a member of the Russian bob-sled team in the recent  Olympic games, she took offense to people accusing the Russian Olympic team of taking performance enhancing drugs. She even appeared on social media wearing a shirt that bore the message “I don’t do doping”. Ironically when this young lady took her drug test a week later, she failed. OOPS!!!!! No word yet on whether she will now be spotted wearing a “I do dope shirt”, or better yet a shirt with “I am a dope”.

Apparently Mexico has a shortage of marriage eligible men. Women in Oaxaca, Mexico are marrying trees to protest deforestation. Although these marriages are not considered legally binding because the trees can’t consent I can see tree whisperers solving that issue. I guess all the potential husbands in Mexico have fled to California. Tracing your family tree would be easy, just go out to the back yard. I believe there is something shady going on here.

A new report concerning British school children is sad. Apparently with all of our technology kids are having issues writing with pens or pencils and are even having issues holding pens and pencils properly. Sounds like a couple of nuns armed with wooden rulers could fix this problem. Sad how technology is just making people less educated. Writing by hand is apparently a thing of the past.

Several politicians, all Democrats are apparently surprised the recently passed tax cuts are actually making people happy. Steny Hoyer is surprised people are happy with a few more dollars in their paycheck. If ever there was a prime example of how out of touch the Democrat party is with the people they seek as voters this is it. The Democrats demonized the tax cuts and ridiculed people who supported them. These politicians are more interested in legalizing illegals that will vote for them and they have no issues insulted hard-working Americans. Sad, very sad.

Evidence we need voter ID badly in my home state of Pennsylvania. Apparently an audit has found at least 100,000 non-citizens on voter registration rolls. The Washington Times covered this story. Want to bet what party a majority of these criminals are registered under? Doesn’t matter I guess, most people already know the dead and the illegals vote Democrat.

According to a Web-Site called the Smoke Room gender diversity has come to the whiskey industry. Jonny Walker has a new girl friend called Jane Walker. His and her whiskey, what took so long? Now this is gender diversity I can support.

Oakland’s mayor recently committed a felony. She actually warned illegals in her city that ICE was targeting them and getting ready to arrest and deport them. OK I know California is a ‘sanctuary’ state but aiding and abetting along with providing support to criminals is against the law, High time the DOJ starts setting an example by arresting idiots like Mayor Libby Schaaf. No better time than the present to send a message on the clear and present dangers illegal immigration and it’s supporters pose to true Americans.

Nice to see that several businesses that jumped on the progressive bandwagon by refusing to do business with the NRA are now suffering repercussions from their misguided and idiotic protest. Blaming the NRA for mass shootings is just about as stupid as it gets.

All the ideas and stories above wer gathered from the Internet. I peruse several web-sites in my daily reading and some of those sites are: Liberty’s Torch, Ace of Spaces HQ and Instapundit.

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