A Cranky Chronicles Exclusive Interview…………

Searching for new and innovative ways to create blog content in this experiment I call the Cranky Chronicles I would like to do something different today. After much thought and contemplation I am going to do my very first interview. I would like to thank Mr. Stuart Pitt for agreeing to be my first interview participant. Mr. Pitt is a friend of mine who has opinions on a variety of subjects and I believe my readers will benefit from his opinions and observations.

Me: Good Afternoon Mr. Pitt, thanks for joining my blog today. I appreciate your time.

Mr. Pitt: Thanks for having me, and by the way my friends call me Stu.

Me: Alright then Stu. Lets get started shall we. First query is, Have you been enjoying the Winter Olympics from South Korea?

Stu Pitt: Truthfully not really. First of all the Americans outside of the ladies hockey team have been quite a disappointment. I know that Vonn broad won a gold medal from CNN for bashing Trump but actually the other athletes are just plain boring to watch. Now news is leaking out about some athletes failing their drug tests. The whole Olympic thing is just a joke really. Of course there is doping in the Olympics, how else do you explain Bruce Jenner becoming Caitlyn Jenner or that announcer Johnny Weir. You can’t tell me drugs didn’t cause gender issues in those ‘people’.

Me: Alright, how about media coverage of President Trump. Do you believe the media has treated the President fairly?

Stu Pitt: Well now I believe the media has been more honest since Trump’s election than they have at any other time in history. For instance, CNN & MSNBC have shown they actually are nothing more than a propaganda device for the Democrat/liberal/progressive/socialist/communist party. They treat Trump like they see him, as a threat to their agenda and politics. They are also showing their contempt for the deplorable voters who had the audacity to vote for Trump and ignore their favored candidate, Hillary Clinton. It is finally very refreshing to see these horrible news organizations actually showing their true colors. As far as their competition, FOX has been a little kinder and gentler on Trump but as a news organization they still need to show more support for our President and the people who elected him.

Me: I thank you for you candor Stu. Well said sir, well said. What might your feelings be concerning gun control and the defamation of the NRA?

Stu Pitt: Well it is an abomination. Who are these radical leftists that believe the 2nd amendment can just be repealed. Traitors each and every one of them. The 2nd amendment was actually created so normal, common sense citizens would have a method of protecting themselves from traitors who believe law-abiding citizens are a danger. Get over it you commie pinkos! As far as those tide pod eating younglings who need CNN to script their gun control thoughts, WAKE UP YOU IDJITS!!! CNN is using you as a tool and a fool, gender up people. How’s that for an inclusive term? The NRA is not at fault for school shootings. Blame Joe Biden who sponsored the gun-free zones schools have today, that law created a target rich environment for crazy evil wackos.

Me: Quite interesting Stu. You are a man’s man in a gender questioning society. What do you think of people who believe socialism will work in America?

Stu Pitt: Well I think they only have to look at how well socialism has worked thru out history. Come to think of it that is a list of failures because it ain’t worked no where. When a rich guy like Bernie Sanders says socialism equals fairness just stop and think a minute. Fairness for who? Bernie has several mansions, plenty of money in the bank. Has he ever offered to share his mansions or bank account with his supporters? I don’t believe so. His form of socialism ‘fairness’ means everyone except Bernie and his fellow rich politicians and friends live in luxury while everyone else lives in squalor. Fair? For whom? Certainly not for Bernie’s mindless supporters. Hell most of his supporters are already living under socialism, they have mommy and daddy paying for their every need. Sorry snowflakes but in the real world you have to make a life for yourself.

Me: Well say what you really think Stu!!! What do you think about open borders zealots who claim Americans are just phobic about diversity?

Stu Pitt: Them open borders people are idiots. No borders means no country. No country in America’s case means no rights, no freedoms and basically a 3rd world shit-hole political system. Is that what we really want? HELL NO!!! My ancestors came to America LEGALLY and worked hard to create a better life for themselves and their descendants. They did not consider themselves Lithuanian-Americans, they were Americans who practiced the traditions of their country of origin in private. Now these open borders fools want Americans to assimilate with other cultures and accept and embrace them cultures like we are all one big happy family. Problem is we ain’t one big happy family. Islamists hate anyone who isn’t them, Mexicans send money to Mexico to prop up a drug fueled government that specializes in nothing but death and addiction and other illegals are just parasites who feed off American stupidity and generosity. Phobic NO, protective of my country you betcha.

Me: Do you believe freedom of religion is under assault in today’s America?

Stu Pitt: Absolutely, atheists are as bad a Islamic terrorists anymore. These fools want Christmas secularized, Christian businesses secularized and even Christian health-care secularized. These people are zealots and misinformed puppets for progressive ideas. They should be challenged and crushed at every opportunity.

Me: OK, I believe that is all the time we have for today. Thanks for answering my questions honestly.

Stu Pitt: Thanks for having me, good to get out and about internet wise.

Unlike CNN the guests on my blog do not know ahead of time what questions are going to be asked and their answers are their own. I believe in freedom of speech and will defend that right even for people who might disagree with me or my alter-ego Mr. Pitt. Have a wonderful day and if by chance you are: a liberal, progressive, Democrat, socialist, communist that I haven’t offended yet, well just be patient because I am sure I will get to you soon.

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