Decompressing Mentally……………

My wife and I have down-sized our house and belongings, the kids are out on their own but we still work full-time and find we are just as stressed as ever. One problem is all the chores our youngins did, now fall to us. Yikes, almost makes us want to adopt some chore age youngins to pick up the slack and give us a break. Almost but not quite. Anyway I did a little research and maybe, just maybe what I found can benefit my wife and I as well as my readers.

While TV can be relaxing and enjoyable it is not always a good way to decompress. Especially if you watch the news. CNN, MSNBC, FOX even the BBC is just a non-stop lineup of blathering talking heads who every once in a while say something interesting or important but the majority of the time they add almost nothing to your knowledge base and sometimes they are downright insulting to your intelligence. So turn off the TV and try these suggestions instead.

Our home is our castle, truly it is. I have little to no talent for decorating so my OMP (Omnipotent Marriage Partner) handles the style, colors and decor we have in our home. I have the simple taste of a man. Give me a comfy chair, TV, PC and a fridge with food and beer and I could hibernate for months. My OMP has provided a roomy, comfy and very peaceful home environment that keeps both of us happy. Having a castle that feels inviting and just begs you to relax and enjoy yourself is the first step in providing an atmosphere conducive to mentally decompress.

The next step is always easy for me but difficult for my wife “leave work at work”. I like my job and the people I work with, I can’t stand the people in charge. When I am off I don’t think about work or even acknowledge it exists. My wife who is self-employed however, has clients who seem to believe it is her duty to be available when they want her available. She is a massage therapist and between checking her on-line scheduling app for new appointments, she receives texts and phone calls from clients cancelling, rescheduling or wanting appointments. Stressful?, you betcha. Sometimes I think her phone has more of a connection with my spouse than I do. But I have learned that being self-employed is not quite as liberating as I thought. I hope one day she will be able to unplug and unwind as well as I can.

The next decompress step is tough for me. Meditation usually leads to nap time with this old guy. My wife can meditate without sleeping, at least  I think she can but I have never been awake when we meditated together to find out.

Observing your surroundings is a technique my wife and I can do well. On nice mornings sitting on our front porch having coffee is very enjoyable. As a matter of fact I try to practice this method all thru out my day. I try to notice little things like how the warm weather has caused some plants to just barely break the surface of our yard, or watch birds feeding at the bird feeder with our cats from the front window. This is an easily overlooked action that can relax a person quite easily.

Another relaxation and decompress tactic is using good time management to prioritize and get necessary items done ASAP. I try to finish my chores leaving me with enough time to hopefully relax and enjoy some down time before going to work or get stuff done and out-of-the-way on a day off so it at least feels like I actually had a day off.

Hope some of these tips help someone. If anyone would like to share their decompress and relaxation tips, please feel free to share.  My source is below:

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