Let me see if I am thinking correctly concerning some news about the latest school shooting tragedy in Florida. Law enforcement was aware the perpetrator was a possible danger to others and stood by and did nothing to stop him. Sheriff deputies were on scene within minutes of the first shots being fired and hid for their own safety instead of engaging the shooter and saving lives. Because of these facts CNN and many progressives are blaming the NRA for the whole incident. Excuse me, just why is the NRA to blame? Seems like there is plenty of blame and none of it has anything to do with the NRA. Just saying.

Meagan Boone one of the stars of the TV series ‘Blacklist’ promises to never hold or use an assault rifle on the show again. She is showing her concern about the Florida school shooting and is taking a stand. Great idea sweet-heart. I ‘admire’ your grit. Refusing to use a fake gun that shoots fake bullets on a TV show about fake FBI agents and fake criminals shows a lot of backbone. I applaud you. (Yes I am being sarcastic).

Joe ‘Get a Shot Gun’ Biden is once again considering a Presidential run in 2020. Say it ain’t so Joe, please. You’re the genius who helped create legislation that spawned ‘gun-free’ zones at our nations schools. Great idea moron, 90+ percent of school shootings have occurred at schools that are ‘gun-free’. Coincidence? I think not. Your only other accomplishment of note as far I can see was being Obama’s token honky during his Presidential reign. Not exactly a stellar resume you got fella. Stay retired you idiot.

Marketed as the most diverse Olympic Team in American history NBC has seen TV ratings fall to the lowest levels ever. Imagine  that, Americans don’t want diverse they prefer winners. Also I believe the fact that some of these team members are participating in multiple Olympics are causing viewers to feel like they have been there, seen that and ain’t interested anymore. Just an observation.

I admit I am not social media savvy when it comes to things like Snap-chat. Never used it and probably never will. One article of interest I saw while perusing the Internet blames someone by the name of Kylie Jenner (who?) with causing shares of Snap-chat to lose money because she told her followers she didn’t like the app anymore. Odd how one person could affect a company’s bottom line by dissing an app. I don’t know who or what Kylie Jenner is but seems like she is a powerful social media presence. The only Jenner I am aware of is Bruce who won some Olympic gold back in the day and Caitlyn Jenner who has pictures on the internet from time to time. I wonder if Bruce and Caitlyn are Kylie’s parents. Maybe an aunt and uncle, Bruce & Caitlyn do look like they are related. (Yes, sarcasm again).

A recent study by the University of California examined the habits of people who lived to 90 and beyond. The one common trait every participant admitted to having was they all consumed alcohol.  Great news for an old geezer like me in his 60s. I believe I have probably already consumed enough adult beverages to live forever. What a great feeling to know I have been practicing a healthy habit for many decades now.

Speaking of which someone asked me recently how I dealt with stress since I turned 60. They offered the info that they take regular walks, practice yoga and meditation as helping their stress be less stressful. After giving their question some thought I told them that my preferred stress relief methods were  drinking beer, being sarcastic and for especially stupid people who stressed me, telling them to bugger off. Hey, to each their own.

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