Happily Incompatible………….

Billy Graham recently passed away at the age of 99. A quote attributed to Reverend  Graham that I found interesting was his view on marriage and relationships, “people should be happily incompatible”. Happily incompatible can not only work for couples but I believe it can also describe how best to be a Christian in today’s secular society.

I believe life is one long learning experience. A journey filled with situations both good and bad where our decisions teach us more about ourselves individually, our relationships with others and our relationship with God. God gave us free will to make our own choices and He also gave us a blueprint for how we can lead a good life with Him at our side. All we have to do is believe in Him, accept Him and ask for forgiveness. I know, that is easier said than done. I have outlined my own spiritual journey in this blog previously and I have struggled with my faith just like many other believers.

Marriage is not easy, believe me. I am on marriage number two and no matter what I think I might have learned about marriage along the way, I still find I don’t know  or understand women or marriage. I have at least reached an age where I can identify with Reverend Graham’s phrase ‘happily incompatible”. My marriage is a very happy one even though my wife and I have many different views and opinions on how to do things such as housework or decorating, different tastes in movies and TV shows, food and a few other things in life. I guess Reverend Graham was right, my wife and I are happily incompatible.

Our secular society preaches indulgence as a way of life. Sex, drugs, greed and looking out for number one is a common theme in movies, TV, reading material and even the internet. Being a practicing Christian shows us we do not and should not embrace this secular life style. If we succeed in following and living by our Christian values then I believe we are exhibiting signs that we are happily incompatible with our secular society. In my view that is a good thing. Reverend Graham sure seems to have made an astute and thought-provoking observation.

I also believe I have a few other life examples concerning my personal experiences on being happily incompatible. For instance I have a job where I guess you can say I do not agree with company leadership on a variety of matters. I still however can attend work and do my tasks to the best of my ability despite these disagreements. Therefore I guess I am happily incompatible with certain aspects of my employment yet I can still perform my job with a good level of competence. I don’t use and have never used twitter, snap chat or several other social media apps for communicating with others. Never really saw a need to tweet my every movement thru out my day. Guess I am happily incompatible with certain aspects and forms of social media.

In summary I guess incompatibility can actually bring a person happiness. Who would have thunk it. Oh I guess Reverend Graham did think it. Rest in Peace Reverend Graham.



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