An Indisputable Fact………………….

Alright, I have read many a blog, listened to a number of talking heads and read many articles concerning guns and America. Few if any offer rational suggestions to help with the fear and loathing many people feel for guns and unfortunately gun owners. I am a law-abiding gun owner who has a conceal carry permit and frankly I will resist any and all efforts by my fellow citizens to repeal or hinder my right to have a weapon. Just wanted to get that thought out-of-the-way early on.

As a society we all grieve every time an evil person commits a heinous act. Whether it be a school shooting, a terrorist in a vehicle running down pedestrians or  some other evil act, we get emotional and look for solutions. The problem is evil requires strong forceful solutions and with politics the way it is in America, people don’t want to make the decisions that are truly needed to keep citizens safe. Decision-makers are afraid of being portrayed as mean or suffering from some sort of phobia. Frankly that is a big part of the problem America has, we tend to want solutions that stop evil but also make everyone happy. Sorry folks, can’t be done. Utopia is a fantasy that can never be accomplished no matter how much we think we can achieve it or how much we want it.

I remember an interview with an Israeli security officer I saw on TV many years ago. The subject was fighting terrorism and keeping citizens safe. The question posed to this security expert was “Why does Israel have almost no hijackings or school shootings?”. This gentlemen’s response has stuck with me, his reply “Unlike America we are only interested in keeping people safe, we do not care whose feelings are hurt”. Wise words. Profiling Muslims is helping keep Isreal safe. Armed security in Isreali schools is keeping school children safe. Safety is the priority, not ineffective laws that are more concerned with equality and fairness.

Decades ago we had state institutions where mentally ill patients were housed for their own safety as well as the safety of society. Somewhere along the way these state-run institutions became a financial burden and care for these patients suffered. These institutions have been mostly eliminated and as a result the homeless population in many large cities grew. As a child growing up in Philadelphia I do not ever remember seeing a homeless person living in a card-board box or in a subway station. As a young adult in the 1970s and beyond I remember having to walk over sleeping bodies to access the subway and I also remember the over-whelming smell of feces and urine. Being asked for money and sometimes even threatened for money was a daily occurrence. Point is, the institutions that housed these people closed and frankly they had to go somewhere and the streets were as good a place as any. I might not be a doctor but I know crazy when I see it and many of these people were crazy. Drug addiction also was growing rampant and cities decided to help addicts by giving them treatment mostly on a voluntary basis. Nice thought but many addicts failed and more people were added to the street people rolls. Now cities have given up and are largely coddling addicts with clean needle programs so they can feed their habit safely until somehow they might decide to get clean. Great idea for the addict, not so good for law-abiding citizens who are preyed upon by addicts in muggings and burglaries and other crimes. This fact alone finds citizens having legal weapons a necessity not a luxury. Criminals do not follow laws so no new gun laws affect criminals ever. That is an indisputable fact.

So now we come to the 2nd Amendment. It exists for several reasons. Our Founding Father’s were not idiots. They fought tyranny and wanted very much for that fight to continue as long as the country they created existed. These gentlemen knew that evil was very real and that free people would only be free as long as they could defend themselves and their freedom. That freedom includes the ability to own and use a fire-arm to defend against evil-doers (criminals) or a tyrannical government.  There-fore this amendment is probably the most important amendment we have. As a matter of fact it protects all the other amendments whether people choose to believe it or not. The other amendments are useless without the 2nd amendment. Again this is an indisputable fact.

Now onto rational but not politically correct solutions to our crime, terrorism and safety issues. First of all, our country overhauled the treatment of the mentally ill by allowing them to freely roam about society and voluntarily take their meds. Seems like a great idea except some of these people are a danger to themselves and others. Why do we constantly hear about people who commit evil acts falling thru cracks as far as treatment or maybe they can’t be committed against their will so they receive proper treatment? Make treatment available to those in need and make sure the treatment forced or voluntary is closely monitored. Calls for help or problems should be documented and closely investigated. The recent school shooter was on law enforcement radar, so why was nothing done. I suppose it might have been because no-one wanted to hurt his feelings or be seen as insensitive. I call BS, intervention could have prevented the tragedy that occurred had someone somewhere showed some backbone and did something to prevent this idiot from killing people. If we aren’t willing to do what is necessary to the evil person who wishes to do harm then forget the useless gun-free zones that are nothing more than ‘hunt here’ signs for the deranged and have armed security in our schools. Heck why not use the Federal money that goes to Planned Parenthood and not only protect existing children but unborn children as well. Seems like a no brainer. Retired law enforcement, military personnel and maybe even law-abiding private citizens would be an effective armed deterrent. The 2nd amendment is the solution here not the problem.

Drug addiction is the cause of a majority of crimes in America. Incarcerate addicts until they get thru an effective rehab program. Tough love but it sure is better than these people preying on citizens. If you need more prisons build them, I am sure if I was able to I could find Federal money that was being wasted on nonsense that could easily cover building penal rehab facilities. As far as law-abiding citizens are concerned conceal carry should be a right in every state so citizens can defend themselves if needed. If rehab doesn’t work maybe addicts will get clean after they have been shot while committing a crime. Sounds like a good deterrent. Once again the 2nd amendment is the solution not the problem.

Our last president attempted to be as tyrannical as any president I can remember in my lifetime. Between executive orders, creating racial disharmony and using the Supreme Court to pass laws that citizens did not support he almost single-handedly changed America into a third world shit-hole. Oh I also forget his complete disregard for enforcing our borders and his support for illegal immigration in the drive for creating a socialist voting block. There is that word again that our Founding Father’s wanted us to fight against, ‘tyranny’. Suffering thru the Obama presidency made me realize more than ever that our government can be as evil and oppressive as any other government. The only thing that stands in the way of our government’s total and absolute control over its citizens is the 2nd amendment. Without the 2nd amendment all rights would be null and void. Before someone utters ‘that can’t happen here”, I say yes, yes it can. Hell it almost did. Anyone who believes America would be better if we had Hillary in the White House instead of Trump is either drunk, crazy or just stupid. Sorry if I hurt a snowflake with that statement but I feel very strongly about my opinion on our last election. Anyway, once again the 2nd amendment is the solution not the problem.

There is no such thing as common sense gun laws. Any restrictions on the 2nd amendment should be resisted and rejected. Law abiding gun owners are the last stand if our government ever fully turns and subjugates its citizens, it is the last stand for individuals who unfortunately may some day need to defend their family, property or God-given rights. In my mind that is an indisputable fact. The 2nd amendment, is a solution and definitely not the problem.









3 thoughts on “An Indisputable Fact………………….

  1. Not sure if I can honestly “Like” this post or not. I’m hoping that this is an open blog where all opinions are welcomed. I agree that the second amendment is necessary. However, I also agree with those who say there need to be restrictions. When the second amendment was created, we weren’t dealing with massive amounts of drugs, mental illness and AR-15’s. I teach in Broward County and live 10 miles from Stoneman Douglas in Parkland, FL. Family friends were locked in classroom closets, colleagues lost their children, and my children lost friends last week. We are all broken. Teachers, students, parents, custodians, cafeteria workers, office employees, bus drivers, administrators, and anyone who works in our school district. I grew up in the south where hunting is a sport and rifles/handguns are a staple in most homes. My family members own guns and use rifles and handguns for recreation. We enjoy target competitions on holidays and my sisters have handguns for personal safety. I get it. On the other hand, it’s way too easy these days to purchase a gun and the types of weapons sold are far too advanced for the average citizen. I have close friends with AR-15’s who choose to have them for hobby or sport. Most of them use them once or twice a year at local shooting ranges. For those types of weapons, my question is this: Would your life be any different if that particular gun was taken from you? ALL answered no. My next question: Would your life be any different if your child’s life was taken from you? You can answer yourself.
    This is not politics or presidential bashing or persecuting those with mental illness. I won’t say which side of the political fence I’m on. I’m on the side of the fence that allows individuals the right to arm themselves with guns, not weapons of mass destruction. I believe we CAN find common sense gun restriction laws. It’s a long road but I believe that it IS possible. My hope is that we can ALL come together and find resolution. This generation of youth are strong, fearless and resilient and have the capacity to make changes that will benefit all of us. Thanks for allowing me to share.


    1. All comments welcome. I distrust the government. Any restrictions on guns opens the door to a total restriction or banning. Outlaws do not respect laws while the average law abiding gun owner does. I therefore resist any limits on my rights as a law abiding gun owner when criminals can still be armed and do harm. I do thank you for sharing your opinion. I have owned a gun for 30 years and in that time 4 children were raised in my home with no accidents. I have been lucky that on only 2 occasions have I needed the weapon to prevent tragedy. Neither time did I need to fire my weapon. The sense of relief having it did outweigh my fear of not having it available.

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      1. I respect your opinions. Truly. We are fortunate to live in a country where we can respectfully agree to disagree. I will continue to follow your blog and always look forward to your posts.


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