Friday Rant ………………….

Unfortunately another crazy evil person chose to go on a shooting spree and kill and injure innocent people. Nikolas Cruz chose to do evil and yet the usual talking heads are offering anything but legitimate solutions for preventing future tragedies. It isn’t the gun’s fault, it is Cruz’s fault. People want to limit freedoms in a vain attempt to stop mass killers like Cruz but guess what, sad to say confiscating guns will do no such thing. The only real solution is armed security at our schools. Use retired law enforcement, maybe ex-military people, but make the schools safer NOW. Enough talk, security is our only option. Will it be 100% effective, probably not. We have seen much terror through-out the world and frankly if someone evil wants to commit an evil act they will use whatever means available to do so. My prayers go out to all the families affected by this latest atrocity. Another thought if I may. Why is this useless piece of human debris named Nikolas Cruz still breathing air. He is the obvious perpetrator, already guilty beyond any doubt and yet he lives. A costly trial will follow where families will have to relive the horror he committed. Costly appeals after the trial will go on for decades if not longer. Why? If ever there was a clear-cut case for swift deadly justice this certainly qualifies.

For at least a paragraph I am going to take on the persona of a snowflake. Yes, one of the whining, crying people who are constantly aggrieved by something that they hear or read that offends them. I consider myself to be fairly thick-skinned when insulted. However I have become insulted and angry lately because I am sick and tired of racist idiots calling me racist simply because I am white. I am tired of all the White Privlege BS and I have read more than one article stating I am racist whether I know it or not. Bullshit, I judge people by their character and treat them with respect unless and until they show they don’t deserve it. I don’t play the label game. I see people as people not as black, white, asian etc.etc. The only group I discriminate against is Ass-Hats. They come in all colors, creeds and from all walks of life. Thus endth the snowflake rant.

I pay very little attention to politics because when I do politicians prove they are worthless. Endless money spent on investigation after investigation and either nothing of substance is found or worse yet when something is found nothing happens. A year of Trump collusion and no evidence found. Benghazi investigation points fingers at Obama and Hillary Clinton yet even though they and others were culpable for American deaths both are free. Don’t even get me started on Hillary’s almost endless list of crimes, yet she is still free to pollute our political process. I guess I am tired of the wasted money, time and effort spent finding criminals in our political class yet no one pays the price for their crimes. Politicians have proven they are above the law and frankly they don’t care if the electorate know it. The Founding Fathers are probably spinning in their graves. They gave us a Republic and thru the centuries we have made a mess of it.

Diversity is in the news too much in my opinion. For instance I read we have the most diverse Olympic team ever in the Winter Olympics. Whoopee Doo, I for one couldn’t care less, as far as sports I want the best team of athletes regardless of color, creed or orientation. But so-called SJWs, Social Justice Warriors in the clinical psychology field believe you can never have too much diversity. Apparently these “I know what is good for you so do it” ‘professionals’ are recommending our schools and parents dissuade children from having ‘best friends’. They feel this practice leaves other children feeling left out and is a form or racism, bullying and diversity discrimination. Oh Boy, another useless theory made by useless ‘professionals. We all have best fiends during our lifetime and these friends are the best of the best. Usually they are people who help and support us as well as provide memorable and fun moments and memories in our lives. What is being proposed by SJWs here is useless and takes the fun out of social interaction. No quotas for this guy in the friends or best friends department. If you hear ‘educators’ at your schools preaching this gibberish fire a spit ball smack into their foreheads.

Time for my anti-anxiety meds. A handful full of those pills and a glass of bourbon should calm me down. See ya next time.





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