Wednesday Wisdom or Wisdumb……..

“Congress has the power to do anything: to make laws of any kind, on any subject, and to whatever effect it likes.” Nancy  Pelosi  WISDUMB

Want to know why America is ruled politically by a bunch of elite morons only interested in their own power? Well look no further than this comment from the woman who leads the Democratic Party. Congress is supposed to be limited by the Constitution but too many ‘progressive’ politicians believe the Constitution is an outdated document that either needs to be fully repealed or just ignored. Our Founding Father’s knew that sooner or later ‘leaders’ like Pelosi, Clinton, Obama etc.etc.etc would try to over-reach and over-rule by acting like omnipotent rulers instead of elected representatives. I believe it is beyond time that our rulers in Washington D.C. pay attention to the Constitution and govern within the rules.

“If the personal freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution inhibit the government’s ability to govern the people, we should look to limit those guarantees.” Bill Clinton WISDUMB

Just like his associate Pelosi, Bill Clinton also detested the Constitution and the rules it forced him to govern by. Another ‘progressive’ who identified as a ‘moderate’ this perv did nothing that actually helped the people who elected him. As a matter of fact his wife attempted to take over healthcare and was soundly put in her place when she attempted to do so. I don’t mean the kitchen when I say that, I mean nobody elected her to represent them or change healthcare so she had no business inserting herself into a government role. Not only were the Clinton’s morally bankrupt they constantly had smirks on their faces that seemed to say “yeah we are low life criminals and we don’t care if you know it”.

“My Constituents Outside New York City Are “Wrong” And “Racist” About Guns And Immigration” Kristen Gillibrand WISDUMB

Well I know who is wrong Kristen, it’s the morons who elected you. You represent a wide variety of people and yet you insist that outside New York City all those people are wrong and racist. Look in the mirror honey buns, I bet there are a lot of people in New York who are wrong and racist too. You’re a ‘progressive’, where is that belief that diversity is a great thing. By diversity I am referring to the diversity of ideas that voters have on a diverse amount of topics and issues. WOW another politician who only seems concerned with her own special interests, party beliefs and personal power.

“Love is the most important thing in the world, but baseball is pretty good, too.” Yogi Berra  WISDOM

Ah yes, finally something wise. As a life long sports fan I have seen professional sports become a pawn for politics and frankly that just ruins my vision of sports. Sports is an escape and when players and owners decide to inject political beliefs and protests with a game I want to enjoy, well sir I say NO THANKS…… I used to follow and watch the NFL but protesting millionaires who believe they are ‘oppressed’ took that game away from me. Basketball whether college or professional also has its thugs and ‘oppressed’ players who act like gifts to the world because they can bounce a ball or shoot it accurately. Sorry NO THANKS. I have 2 sports left, pro hockey, GO PHILLY FLYERS and baseball. Oh one idiot for the Oakland A’s did kneel for the anthem last season. After an off-season of being arrested for gun charges, domestic violence and a failed extortion attempt he now says he will no longer kneel. To MLB please don’t take my baseball away.

“Let’s see if I understand this, if we get nuked by missiles from North Korea using technology given to China by Bill Clinton, funded by money Obama gave to Iran, using warheads developed in Russia with uranium that Hillary sold to the Russians, then President Trump is to blame?” WISDOM

The preceding was a statement from an anonymous tumblr user. (whatever the heck tumblr is?). It certainly does present a good summary of all the useless investigations going on in Washington D.C.  directly aimed at President Trump to find anything and any reason to remove him from office. As stated previously in this blog ‘progressives’ will do anything even treason to make sure their power is absolute. Removing an elected President from office so a socialist America could be born is treason and I believe it would definitely lead to chaos and anarchy. A very violent confrontation between many groups in America would almost surely follow and America would be no better than a 3rd world country like Mexico or Somali. I pray this doesn’t happen and so far I believe God is helping, seems like the investigations have uncovered Democrat Party crimes instead of Republican collusion. I also believe God could not allow a person as evil and vile as Hillary become President. That’s why in Trump I trust.

See you next time……………………………


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