There is Never Enough………..

Why is it there just never seems to be enough in a person’s life? Time is a prime example. Between doing household chores like laundry, cooking and cleaning there never seems to be a break before having to get ready for work. Then at work the same time issue rears its head. In an attempt to resolve the never enough time issue, I took advantage of a Time Management class that my employer offers. While I did learn a tip or two on time management I found it ironic that the first thing the instructor told the class was “there will not be enough time in this class to cover the whole curriculum”!!! SAY WHAT??!!

It isn’t just time though, sometimes when emergencies arise there isn’t enough money to cover bills and life events. Funny how bill collectors and account managers for companies who you owe money to always seem to have an attitude that you have the money but you’re just not choosing to pay them. Must be nice to have the perfect lives these folks seem to have where I assume emergencies and low funds never seem to occur. Instead of collecting debts maybe they should try their hand at money management.

Free time is also another obstacle. What happened to the days when I always seemed to have all week-end to party and have fun? Oh yeah, that’s right I became a responsible adult and ended up doing responsible things like working, helping with raising children and trying to be a good citizen. Geez, I miss the irresponsible adult I was on occasion. Brings to mind a movie line from Black Hawk Down, a soldier is left behind by his squad to be a rear guard. When questioning his commanding officer he inquires, “Why me sir?”  The officer replies “because your dependable”. The soldier then replies “I hate being dependable”. I know what he means………

Little seemingly inconsequential things can be in short supply on occasion. I recently chose to make a marinade for some beef I was making for diner. Worcestershire sauce was needed and yep, didn’t have enough to flavor the marinade as much as I would have liked.  Oh well everything was still tasty but I knew what was missing. So again there just wasn’t enough. But I guess it got me thinking. Even thought one ingredient was missing everything turned out alright. Maybe that means I can get along with less and still have things work out just fine. I hesitate to admit I might become a minimalist that just seems to be too difficult. Maybe I will be a re-organizer. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

So I guess I am launching a plan of attack to re-organize my mindset and my life. Re-organizing my finances, prioritize needs first, wants second. Sounds easier saying it but I know this will be a BIG challenge. Devote less time to chores by working smarter not harder. That seems like a worthy  goal. Hopefully that leaves me with time to meditate, read the Bible, do absolutely nothing for a few moments and at least act like I have some free time. Balance and getting slong with less. I know it won’t be easy but what the heck, not having enough time or money or whatever ain’t easy either.

Don’t know if my plan will work. I know I will have to do a presentation, maybe Power Point to run this idea by my better half. If I present it properly and package the highlights and results successfully it might just work. Now if I can only find the time to get this Power Point presentation done. Wish me luck.




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