Random Thoughts & Observations…….

President Trump delivered a powerful State of the Union speech on Tuesday night and once again he showed us how evil and disgusting liberal/progressive Democrats can be. Some progressives chose not to attend the speech while other Democrat icons like Nancy Pelosi sat with a look of utter contempt and hatred on her face as Trump went over his accomplishments thus far. The progressives in our government don’t give a damn about what is good for America. They only care about their own power and control over the people, Tuesday was evidence of that fact beyond any shadow of doubt.

I keep hearing the term ‘dreamers’ applied to illegal immigrants who want immediate amnesty and citizenship. Following the logic people use to argue in favor of these criminals getting their citizenship does that mean all criminals are dreamers? Like burglars, do they dream about what sort of items a victim has in their home before they steal those items or do they dream about what they will buy when they sell your possessions?

California wants to make using a straw a criminal offense. Tough state to live in, parasitic tax rates, illegals running wild committing crimes, a crazed ex-hippy governor and of course more ultra-wealthy socialist entertainers than you can count on an abacus. Heck from stories I’m reading it isn’t even a good place to visit anymore let alone live there.

Vicente Fox ex-president of the taco munching nation of Mexico recently asked Trump by what authority Trump believes he has the right to pick and choose who comes to America? Not sure if President Trump answered this idiots question but I certainly will. Mexico doesn’t allow South American illegals into Mexico and punishes those illegals with deportation and prison time. By what authority does the ex-President of one of the most crime ridden and poverty struck countries in the world think he has any business questioning the American President? Mr. Fox, shut your tamales hole and let America govern itself.

I guess women aren’t necessarily neater than men. The recent women’s marches in Washington D.C. and else-where created much more than hot air and blathering babes. Seems these protesting gals also left behind their protest signs and tons of trash for someone else to clean up. I guess protesting means you can litter and make a mess because your more enlightened than the people who don’t pay any attention to your protesting or what you have to say. Sad ladies, try showing a little kindness instead of acting like trashy losers.

Google and You Tube recently sponsored an on-line seminar that featured a gathering of Islamic Imams from around the world. Great diversity gimmick by these social media internet giants. Pardon me if I believe you should be ashamed and remorseful for gathering Islamic crazies who promote terrorism and hatred for the sake of ‘diversity’. Just another reason I do not use Google or You Tube. There were several British Imams who support terrorism against Jews and promote Sharia law. Not something I care to hear about for any length of time.

As always my opinions are based on what I research, think and experience. Civil comments and discussion always welcome.


One thought on “Random Thoughts & Observations…….

  1. What happened to respecting our President because he is our president? Being rude and acting like a toddler is not serving our country! Of the people for the people! We need to start coming together as a country period! We need to be a Light in the darkness!


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