Anger Management Tips From a Crazy Person…………….

The self-help industry is big business in America. We are the freest and best country in the world yet we seem to have a society that constantly needs help to stay healthy, stay happy or stay sane. Since I am one of the most helpful people I know, I did a little research and came up with some anger management tips we all could probably use. For some reason Americans just seem to be angry and I would like to help these individuals lead a happier life.

Putting up with life’s annoyances can be challenging as we go about or daily lives. Even the smallest inconvenience or annoyance can cause increases in blood pressure or heart rate. While anger management professionals might suggest we let go of the anger we might feel when someone cuts in front of us in a Starbucks line, I say take action and express your displeasure. One way to handle this sort of annoyance is to verbally abuse the offender. Unfortunately this can lead to a verbal confrontation that may escalate into  a physical confrontation. So I suggest getting your crazy on to annoy the offender. Frame their head with your thumb and fore-finger and softly say “I’m crushing your head you annoying person you”. If  they hear you and ask what you uttered ignore them. Then repeat as necessary. It will drive them crazy and your sense of satisfaction will be well worth the effort. Great educational video for ‘I crush your head’ is on You Tube just google Kid’s in the Hall. 

Anger management techniques also suggest you attempt to understand why your angry. Sorry but this technique is useless as far as I’m concerned. Your angry because something  or someone made you that way. What the heck is there to understand? If anything, practicing this technique can make someone angry.

Another alleged fact I came across describes anger as a useful motivation tool. I can probably agree with this. I remember times where I have been angry and the adrenaline rush has made me feel stronger and more robust. The downside comes when you calm down and then feel like your energy level is depleted. So I guess managing your actions when you’re angry can be a good thing. For instance, don’t commit a crime when you’re overly angry because chances are you’ll make a mistake and end up in jail. Better safe than sorry.

Cooling down techniques include thinking of anger as a vehicle speedometer. Now I guess this could be useful except what happens if the anger you’re experiencing is caused by road rage. There you are driving along and some knuckle-head cuts you off making you angry. You know why you’re angry how will slowing down help? Seems like all that could likely lead to is more anger because chances are another knuckle-head will take advantage and cut you off too. Seems like this could cause more anger.

Here is a tip I really don’t understand from a value perspective. When you find yourself in a disagreement with someone try to understand their point of view. Really? I probably disagree with them because they are wrong and I am right. How does it help me feel better trying to understand why they are an idiot? Sorry sounds like another anger increasing method to me. Just agree to disagree and move on with your day secure in the knowledge that you  are correct and that is all that ultimately matters.

I am not a doctor, nor do I even play one on my blog. Some of the advice listed here has been successful when I have applied them to situations that have caused me to be angry. Other things that have helped me in the past as far as combating anger  are remaining extremely quiet while maintaining a ‘I will rip your throat out” stare, removing myself from the anger causing location (run away, run away), calmly asking the person I disagree with to remain where they are while I get my gun and asking the offending person if their parents had any children that lived? as I walk away. These techniques may not work for everyone and caution and good judgement should be exercised before employing these tips.

There are absolutely no guarantees expressed or promised when using any of the tips listed in this blog. No medical or physiological professional was consulted or used as a reference. In other words beware. You all have a great day now, hear?

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