Guilty Pleasures………

I confess and plead GUILTY to having a few guilty pleasures in my life. Probably if people are honest with themselves they will truthfully admit that just about everyone has guilty pleasures they indulge in from time to time. Well, while perusing the internet the other day I came across an article concerning a study done at Yale University testing the theory that guilty pleasures might just be good for people. I for one didn’t Yale to tell me that.

My guilty pleasures have unfortunately diminished in number as I have gotten older. For instance, the pleasure I received from smoking a mango flavored cigar had to be stopped due to heart and lung issues that saw fit to visit and set up shop in this ‘temple’ I call a body. I haven’t had one of those flavorful mango smokes for over 6 years now and every once in a while my mind wanders to the fact I lost a guilty pleasure I enjoyed very much. But luckily for me I have many other guilty pleasures I still enjoy and that is a wonderful thing. Now, get your mind out of the gutter people I am not referring to any pleasures pertaining to X-rated behaviors, what I am talking about are guilty pleasures that one can indulge in and cause a smile to appear on our faces even if we might be having a bad day. Yeah I guess being naughty can bring a smile too but again that ain’t what I’m talking about here. Besides, I run a tight ship at the Chronicles no funny stuff or hanky panky allowed while blogging.

Food, at least some food groups are definitely a guilty pleasure for this old man. Just about any pasta dish, pizza pie (no pineapple or anchovies please) or Parmesan meal makes me feel Italian without having to go to Italy. Malt beverages such as ales and lagers are another indulgence I  love. Sports simulation games are another pleasure I actively participate in. My favorite is OOTP,  the Out Of The Park Developments Major League Baseball sim is my current favorite indulgence.  Even several movies and TV shows can be counted on to provide me with fun entertainment and a little guilt on the side. For instance I know fellow Christians who will not watch the TV series Lucifer because the thought of the devil having a redeeming quality or two is just blasphemy. Well I know what fiction is and I know what is and is not true so I view Lucifer with enjoyment because the characters are well-played by the shows actors and the writing is actually witty and thought-provoking. I guess even this blog is a guilty pleasure, I have enjoyed blogging for seven months and still find it refreshing, therapeutic and enjoyable. Come to think of it being a Christian might also be a guilty pleasure. Ironically in our ultra-modern secular world Christianity is sometimes ridiculed and frowned upon.

Guilty pleasures in my mind let us flex our individuality muscles. They allow us to go against the flow of society. My wife for instance still faithfully watches her Soap Operas on CBS. Many shows of this type have been cancelled due to a majority of viewers no longer watching. These shows still bring happiness to my wife and well, happy wife happy life is a rule I have always believed in. So I guess it might actually be a good idea if we stop labeling guilty pleasures as guilty. After all, giving ourselves a little happiness in life can’t be a bad thing right?

Feel free to share any guilty pleasures you may enjoy indulging in. I would love to hear suggestions that might increase the diversity of the pleasures on my list.  Coffee, just remembered that McDonald’s coffee is another member of my list.






2 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasures………

  1. I’m going to keep this short and very sweet Nutella is my guilty pleasure! After a long day of work a couple of spoonfuls is just the magic I need to calm any beast within! 🤪


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