What If ????

I had a Facebook acquaintance who recently posted a question I found interesting and it stimulated my few remaining brain cells. If it were possible for you to be born either 25 years before or after your actual birth date, which one would you choose and why? I gave the query some thought and I chose 25 years before my actual birth year of 1955 which if my math skills are still functioning means 1930.

My thought process led me to this answer for quite a few reasons. Being born in the Depression would almost certainly mean a difficult life starting out as a child because times were hard and people struggled. Then you have the horrors of WWII and again people in the U.S. were called upon to sacrifice for the war effort and once again times were difficult. However as I once read ‘it was the worst of times and it was the best of times’.

Hollywood had real actual entertainers who had talent and were glamorous. TV was in its infancy and movies were viewed in actual theaters that had classic architecture and going to those movies was a special night on the town. Viewing the Marx Brothers when they were first run would have been a treat for me, I didn’t become a fan of the Brothers until 1970. Seeing other actors and actresses in their prime would have been a special treat and I am so glad that my parents reminisced about those times with me when I young so I at least got some idea what my folks experienced. Seeing what they saw first hand would have been a real pleasure.

Music was also in its prime, performed by very talented musicians. Again many bands of the era played live in night-clubs and going out on the town was a special treat for all concerned. Seeing the classic big bands and singing stars of that age would just be a time to remember. Bing Crosby, Francis Sinatra etc.etc.etc, WOW what special a time that would be.

The other thought I was what a wonderful time to be a baseball fan. Big money had not yet polluted the purity of the game and baseball’s stars were larger than life. The Babe, Joltin Joe, Lou Gehrig etc.etc.etc. As a life long baseball fan I would have been in baseball heaven.

The times back then also had an aspect that I believe is sadly missed today. Society was very classy back then. Men wore suits almost every-where. I remember old scenes from baseball parks and men even had suits, ties and hats at the ballgame. Dressing up was not a big deal because people always dressed nicely for every occasion. While I have embraced the casual lifestyle, I believe something valuable was lost when we stopped dressing with real fashion sense like back in the day.

The people back then also had pride in their country. Republicans and Democrats while largely being politicians who disagreed usually got government business done especially if it was good for the country. Politicians will always be dishonest but I really believe their were more honest politicians back in the day more so than in our present history.

If you like, I would like to know what year other than your real birth year would you like to have been born in. Basically if there is another era that you might have thought would be perfect for you to have existed in. Doesn’t have to be 25 years past or future, any year will do. Feel free to share by leaving a comment.




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