HOO-RAH for America………

I’ve been reading some interesting stuff on the internet these days and some of the information is bringing a smile to my old and ugly face. I’m smiling because I am hoping it means Americans are changing and changing for the better.

Apparently 2017 was not a good year for Hollywood or the movie studios. Theater goers declined and quite a few ‘blockbuster’ movies failed to deliver the money to cover their over-priced budgets. I say HOO-RAH!!!! Hollywood has been producing terrible movies for years and now with a non-progressive in the White House, Hollywood’s elite just can’t seem to keep their pie-holes shut on how stupid their audiences are for voting for President Trump.  Sure the supposed experts in entertainment say the decline is due to streaming and movie viewer’s getting their entertainment else-where, but I believe Hollywood has over-stepped its bounds by showing their customer base just how much they actually despise movie goers. Congrats to people for finally waking up and smelling the excrement Hollywood is producing and distributing.

Along with the idiots in Hollyweird comes further bad news from the NFL. Play-off ratings are down as were most ratings for the regular season. I know NFL owners say the Anthem protests are not the reason. However, I think their logic is just as wrong as Hollywood’s. It isn’t new game streaming apps or the internet, viewers are disgusted by players making millions and accusing the fans of racism. Turnoff your customers and guess what, customers find something else to do. Again HOO-RAH to America.

Politicians are having a bad year also especially Republicans who do not support our President. Several of these ‘establishment’ traitors are now choosing to not seek re-election and I hope and pray someone better takes their place. Americans voted for change and change is necessary to make our country right again. HOO-RAH America.

HOO-RAH also for support of illegal immigration reform. A country without borders is not a country. There is no such thing as an innocent illegal immigrant, if you’re illegal you broke the law. If people feel this is harsh too bad. If these illegals were Republican voters you could bet your house on the fact Democrat’s would be screaming for their deportation immediately. These are human beings but they broke the law and shouldn’t be used as political pawns if a game of who gets all these new voters.

Many colleges are also showing their true colors as nothing more than America hating, socialist supporting dung heaps. Colleges like Berkeley have riots suppressing free speech. Other colleges are offering useless and needless classes in gender studies and the myth of white privilege. All these schools are doing is admitting that a college education is more of a political indoctrination than an education.

The media like Hollywood has also shown its hatred for middle-class working Americans by constantly insulting America’s President and classifying his supporters and voters as ignorant, uneducated and de-deplorable. Thanks MSM again your candor is appreciated and people are noticing because your ratings are also dropping. HOO-RAH.

These are the events that can bring a smile to anyone who considers themselves to Americans. Not Americans with labels such as African, Hispanic, etc.etc but Americans. One nation under God with liberty and justice for all……………………………..Just the way we are supposed to be. HOO-RAH !!!




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