What in The Wide Wide World of Sports is Going on Here???…………..

I read and view quite a bit of news and commentary on the internet. It’s what I do because most traditional news sources such as newspapers and mainstream media are nothing more than propaganda tools for our government. Quite often I see articles and blogs wondering whatever happened the traditional male. You know the guy who protected the less fortunate or saved the damsel in distress. Today’s men appear to be pajama wearing, hot cocoa drinking whiners who are about as useless as teats on a bull.  I can only theorize what has happened by my experiences and observations but I don’t believe the changes we see have only affected men, women today have changed also and it isn’t pretty. Also before I get started here is a disclaimer, I am going to talk about men & women only because there are only TWO genders. All the multi-gender talk and theories are part of the problem with today’s society and contribute greatly to the collective state of confusion that exists.

My formative (teenage thru young adult) years were in the 1970s when the sex revolution and drug revolution were in full gear. I didn’t partake much in the way of recreational pharmaceuticals because those were illegal and could be addictive. Beer however was another matter and even though I wasn’t 21 yet several states enabled me to drink legally at 18. New Jersey was the closest state so Jersey was the destination. Anyway, sex,drugs and rock & roll were available everywhere and I guess the hedonist side of men and women embraced the decade with enthusiasm.

The 1980s can along and hippies had become yuppies or whatever the term was and while clothing styles progressed into even uglier attire than what was worn in the 1970s drugs and sex were still the most practiced hobbies in America. Women wanted the independence to choose their partners and have casual relationships just like guys and most men certainly didn’t mind as long as the good times rolled. Huge increases in STDs and the AIDS epidemic slowed the good times but birth control methods were plentiful, abortion unfortunately was legal and party time continued. The sexual revolution made traditional courtship obsolete and unfortunately relationships between men and women could seemingly last anywhere from one night, to a few years (divorce rates sky rocketed) to a lifetime. Anything was possible in those days. Men and women looked at each other in many cases like they were pieces of meat to be had for the asking. Again traditional relationship interaction suffered and in many cases was non-existent as far as both genders.

The 1990s were much the same as the 1980s and we even had a pervert in the White House who had female interns taking a knee (so to speak) before it was considered culturally relevant. Heck man if it’s good for Bubba why not everyone else? So much for political leadership.

Now I am going to theorize that one lingering and lasting effect from Y2K was attitudes between men and women really started to fall into the abyss of chaos going into the new century. Some men and women wanted the hedonistic times to continue while some others wanted to return to the romance of the days of courtship. Call it growing more mature or growing up, the genders seemed to be all confounded as to what the rules between them were. Women seemed to want more emotionally connected and sensitive men and men having spent several decades as beasts satisfying their baser desires got all dazed and confused.  As the decade changed with 2010 women started accusing men of sexual harassment, being marginalized as mere objects and all sorts of other uncouth behaviors. Never-mind that for previous decades women were just as decadent as many men were, all of a sudden men were the enemy and they were going to pay one way or another. Of course the people of faith who embraced traditional values thru all this chaos looked on in amusement because they had avoided all this behavior and BS even while they were ridiculed for not being with the times.

Our news outlets are filled with sex scandal stories that go back decades and involve some actually heinous acts along with some not so disgusting acts that were probably at one point or another considered just plain fun. Again, confusion reigns and society becomes weaker. We now have a society where some people believe they can actually be any gender they wish. They believe they can identify as all sorts of identities they’re not and well you better embrace their pursuit or you’re a bigot. Society has had an interesting history since the 1970s and all of it has contributed to making the divisions between men and women become more pronounced than ever. All the while traditional romance, love, courtship and marriage continues to exist and I for one am happy it does. Society is a mess, traditions are traditions because they stand the test of time. They continue as long as people choose to embrace and practice them. Societal changes  like the sex revolution, drug revolution, gender revolution and other revolutions constantly change because they are simply provided to satisfy a person’s immediate insatiable appetite for whatever desire they want. Traditional values are the long game so to speak and last much longer and bring greater fulfillment. I admit my behavior in previous decades was probably not the best but at the time everyone was a consenting adult. Now- a-days whether consenting or not trouble can be found close at hand.


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