I Didn’t Know That……….

I know I ain’t the sharpest tool in the shed so I like to research stuff to expand my knowledge base. As a blogger I have been told  sharing knowledge is a wonderful thing so that is what I am doing today.

1- I love to make fun of California for numerous reasons and the number one reason is that California is run by some real funny politicians. One thing I didn’t know until recently about the land of fruits and nuts is this: It is illegal to own a gerbil within California borders. That’s right, those tiny rodents that bring joy to children across America are illegal in California. Where is PETA when you need them? Now I find this particularly funny because as a sanctuary state illegal aliens who commit crimes and cost money with their parasitic needs are welcome but a defenseless little rodent isn’t. WOW, I think I would rather have a gerbil than a taco munching criminal but I guess being on the East coast all my life I have common sense unlike the idiots out West.

2- John Young, an astronaut who walked on the Moon, commanded a space shuttle flight as well as the first person to fly into space six times was also known for something else. That else was smuggling a corn beef sandwich aboard one of his space flights. NASA reprimanded him and as a result corn beef sandwiches have been outlawed from space since 1965. Jim Young died recently and the story of his food smuggling was part of his obituary.

3- The Bomb Cyclone winter storm that affected the East Coast and New England recently is actually not that rare. Apparently the Northern Hemisphere experiences about 10 storms like this every year. Usually the weather professionals call these storms a Nor’easter but I guess if you want ratings Bomb Cyclone sounds much more ominous.

4- Robots have already taken over human jobs in many industries and technology will probably take over many other jobs that people now perform. However, in Las Vegas at the Sapphire Exotic Dancer Club the new featured performers are robots. The twins named R2DoubleD & TripleCPU perform nightly and are apparently the only robotic adult dancers in the world. Now I admit I haven’t been to a ‘gentleman’s’ club for several decades but come on now, robots, really.

5- The University of Pennsylvania just concluded a study that allegedly shows 9 to 11-year-old children sleep better and perform better on intelligence tests when they regularly eat fish. The study was performed using 541 Chinese children (not sure why they used an odd number). I guess I can believe that fish is healthy for anyone even children but don’t Asians usually score better on tests anyway? Is it really because of fish in their diet or maybe they just study and work harder than other kids. Anyway something sounds fishy about this study. Why just Asian kids doesn’t sound very diverse to me.

6- Oregon recently made self-service gas stations legal. Since a vast majority of Americans already pump their own fuel this shouldn’t be a big deal right? Well Oregonians are apparently idiots or lazy because it has become an issue. Many Oregon residents are complaining they have had no training on how to operate their gas pumps or safely fill their gas tanks. Seems the pampered people of Oregon just aren’t that bright but they are experts at whining and crying. I would expect to see a class in proper gas pumping procedures to come to driving schools in Oregon soon. What a state of maroons. By the way New Jersey is now the only state where full service gas stations are the law. Toxic waste dumps and full serve gas, New Jersey is the leader in America in both of those important categories.

7- Florida due to over-development and hurricanes is facing a sand shortage for many of its beaches. Making matters worse is the fact that according to Federal law it is illegal to spend money buying foreign sand. I heard an economist years ago state “if the Federal Government where to be put in charge of a desert there would be a shortage of sand in no time”. Sounds like he was close, no desert but beaches will do.  Anyway Congress is working on a bill to help Florida acquire sand from the Bahamas.

8- I recently found out I may have started blogging in the wrong country. The United States Sate Department is spending $50,000 in an attempt to get more female bloggers blogging in India. Apparently there is an acute shortage of female vloggers and bloggers in India and therefore it’s up to America to solve this crisis. I ain’t female but heck for $50,000 dollars I would blog while wearing a dress.

9- Algerians living in the Sahara desert town of Ain Sefra woke up to 15 inches of snow covering their sand dunes. The ‘gateway to the desert’ city didn’t have the snow long as the temperature rose to 42 degrees by mid-afternoon. Kids did have enough time to make several snow-men and do a little sledding. This is apparently the 3rd time in the last 37 years that the Sahara had snow.

That’s all folks………………………………………




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