Wednesday Wisdom or Wisdumb……

Trump said “the United States  has been rewarded with nothing but lies and deceit for foolishly giving Pakistan more than $33 billion in aid in the last 15 years. WISDOM

The truth hurts doesn’t it Pakistan? I have often wondered why America sends billions of dollars to country’s that hate us. Now that we have a President with a back-bone it appears the endless amounts of money might actually stop. I would even expand this aid stoppage to include Palestine, Turkey and any other Middle-Eastern country that wish harm to America. Thank you President Trump. Well done sir!!!

Bernie Sanders a socialist/commie who wanted to be President is singing the praises of fellow commie Bill DeBlasio “Mayor DeBlasio’s administration understands that bringing people together with love and compassion is our job and will end division”. WISDUMB

Ah Bernie, you and Bill DeBlasio only want to bring everyone who isn’t rich together to share the misery and hardship that is socialism. You guys and the Democratic party are the people who are dividing America. Don’t blame Trump for your failures.

Laura Ingraham spoke about legalized marijuana “We’ll see how this all works out for our country. More pothead with psychosis and impaired driving as companies make billions”  WISDOM

Wow, sounds like common sense to me. Yet dopers across America are angry. First off, I remember reading how Colorado was ‘surprised’ that more driving impaired incidents had risen sharply since Colorado legalized pot. Surprised? Really, sounds like the government in Colorado is getting high on their own supply. Of course some people are going to abuse pot like they abuse alcohol . So much for speaking with common sense. Dang hippie politicians…..

Jim Treacher a blogger at the Daily Caller: “Modern journalism is all about deciding which facts the public shouldn’t know because they might reflect badly on Democrats”. WISDOM

How else do you explain the Anti-Trump madness that MSNBC and CNN broadcast 24X7 on their useless networks. Both of these networks pass themselves off as news organizations but they just make stuff up because they can’t stand the fact Trump won and their chosen candidate Hillary lost. I for one am tired of un-named sources who might have said this or might have said that and yet nothing is ever verified because no evidence is ever found. Stop the insanity already.

Somebody in the Socialist utopia of California has a sense of humor: “Official Sanctuary state felons, illegals and MS13 gang members welcome Democrats need the votes”. WISDOM

The quote appeared on a highway sign that was attached to a Welcome to California state sanctioned sign. At least there appears to be one individual in California with some common sense and the back-bone to tell it like it is. I salute you whoever you are.


That’s a wrap or a rap or never mind…………………………………..







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