What I Wish and Hope for Politically in 2018……..

A new year and a new beginning. I have some thoughts concerning wishes I would like to see come true in 2018 in American politics.

1- America’s political leaders get on board with the fact TRUMP WON. Start governing by making decisions based on making America great again and not whining and complaining about Hillary losing the election.

2- All special counsel investigations are terminated immediately. Stop wasting tax-payer funds on useless investigations such as Russian collusion, Hillary’s e-mails or uranium deals etc.etc etc. Nothing will be found and even if it is no-one is ever indicted or jailed anyway. As evidence, Hillary & Obama did not get charged with murder for the Benghazi attack, Lois Lerner is still free after IRS investigation, Hillary is still free after e-mail scandal, etc.etc,etc.

3- All Republicans in name only resign immediately. If you aren’t with President Trump and the voters who supported him you need to get the hell out-of-the-way!!!

4- The border wall becomes a reality. You cannot have a country if there are no borders. Deport the lawbreakers (ANY illegal immigrant) and stop the flood of people from countries who hate us and wish America harm.

5- North Korea has a revolution and the insane midget now in charge over there is replaced by someone with common sense and no history of mental illness.

6- The death penalty actually being used in all states for murderers, rapists, and child molesters as well as drug dealers. Want to attack the drug problem? Death penalties for drug dealers and smugglers. No endless appeals either, 3 appeals in 3 years sounds fair. No successful appeals after 3, then ‘yer out’ literally.

7- The government control of healthcare coming to a screeching halt. Socialized medicine does not work. Stop trying to do something that is impossible to accomplish.

8- People in America who believe socialism is wonderful should live in a socialist country for one year. Then see how ‘wonderful’ you think socialism is. Try Venezuela maybe or even Cuba.

9- The politics of division is no longer practiced. Obama was its most ardent supporter and all he brought to America for 8 years was racial division and hatred. We are all supposed to be Americans so its high time we acted as Americans, not black Americans, not White Americans, just Americans.

10- Gender, there are 2 and only 2. Confused? Not my problem. Boy parts mean boy. Girl parts mean girl. Here endth the discussion.

I know that several of these wishes will never come true but you can’t blame an old guy for trying. After all, many of these ideas came from the voices in my head and sometimes the ideas ain’t half bad.

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