Post Christmas Blahs……………………..

Christmas has come and gone. The build up to the actual day is filled with festivities, bright colors and much anticipation. Finally Christmas Day arrives and there are gifts, feasting and sharing time with family and friends. The day ends and on the December 26th it’s back to work and the dull monotonous routine of being a responsible adult. Yuck, responsible? Who the heck wants that? I guess I have my BAH-HUMBUG feeling once Christmas is over. I call it my post-Christmas mood hangover.

The weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas always seem full of excitement to me. I enjoy seeing more and more houses display Christmas decorations and lights. The colors bring life to what is usually a bleak colorless landscape of late fall early winter drabness. People seem to be friendlier and I actually believe I have more conversations with total strangers than I do at any other time of the year. The music on the radio is populated by more and more Christmas songs, the challenge of what gifts the grand-kids might want or need fill my thoughts and probably provide the most enjoyable challenge I face every year. But when the day is over and done with I always feel rather melancholy.

New Year’s Day has an anticipation feel to it but not nearly as much as Christmas does. At least not for this writer. Sure I enjoy the turning of the clock as a new year filled with new possibilities approaches but for me Christmas is the quintessential holiday of the year. Between celebrating the birth of Jesus, an event of historical proportions as well as celebrating the spirit of giving practiced by Saint Nick or Santa Claus, Christmas is always and has always been my favorite holiday. Life is full of peaks and valleys so I guess it is natural to feel a bit of depression when Christmas is over. I know somewhere in that pile of goo I call a brain I do know the good times of Christmas can’t last all year-long. Shame really, if people just treated each other as well as they do around Christmas time the whole year thru we would probably live in a much better world.

I usually snap out of my doldrums by New Year’s Eve but the older I get the more work it seems to take to snap myself out of the holiday funk. Working as I do as an ‘essential’ employee for a healthcare system probably doesn’t help. I was off Christmas Day but will be working New Year’s Day. Days I’m at work just seem to be a normal run of the mill day regardless if it’s an actual holiday or not. Not very festive if your working on a holiday since most employers prohibit eating, drinking and merriment while at the office. If I do have one wish for the coming year it is to find employment that doesn’t require my presence on holidays. But we will see if that comes to fruition.

Anyhow, I have always prided myself on living to the beat of a different drummer or on special occasions the blasts from a tuba. “Get a grip old-man”!!! OK I feel better now, this blogging thing does help me with stress management, so maybe this season my blah will turn into ah earlier than I think. At least I hope so………..

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