Christmas Eve Thoughts…….

In today’s world visions of tablets and cell phones are probably dancing thru children’s heads. Sugar plums? Not so much. As for the cranky old man who authors this blog, I see Christmas as a time of renewal on both a spiritual and secular level.

Spiritually Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ who not only changed the world he lived in, but has taught us important lessons that have affected the history of the world since that first Christmas night.  Several years ago I renewed my Faith in Jesus Christ and for the first time in my life I truly feel His presence. I pray more than I ever have in the past and I find it easier to notice the small things in life that just bring a smile to my ugly old face. I have placed myself and my worries in His hands and He has helped me attain a balance in my life. Oh I still have stressful moments like everyone does but they seem farther apart. I also find myself thanking Him for things like, well waking up each morning on the right-side of the ground  or when something good happens thanking him for whatever that blessing might have been. As a matter of fact I find my prayers are more often than not a thank-you for all sorts of things.

On a secular level searching for gifts that are perfect for the grand-kids is a pleasant challenge. The youngest only several months old will be receiving some clothes, bibs and baby bumpers. My twin grand-sons are almost 7 and my grand-daughter is 12 so electronics are destined for their hands and minds. Makes me feel old since when I was 7 the only electronic device I had was a transistor radio that only had AM as an option. My how times have changed. Anyway the season of giving and spending time with your family especially the younger grand-kids is special and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Having the opportunity to see your children live their lives while raising children of their own is very gratifying. It’s also something else I thank God for.

I wish my readers a very Merry Christmas and hope your celebrations are wonderful !!!

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