My Christmas Wishes for 2017’s News Makers……..

I have a blast poking fun at politicians, entertainers and athletes but I honestly do wish them a Merry Christmas and hope they receive gifts as close to the suggestions below as possible. OK stop laughing people I’m serious………..

Hillary Clinton – LOSER- I hope Hillary receives an official White House Christmas Card from Mr. and Mrs. Trump. Why? So she doesn’t feel left out this Christmas. It’s been a tough year for Hillary with the constant reminders she lost the election and the perverted accusations hurled at her hubby Slick Willie. Someone like Hillary could easily become severely depressed at Christmas time and that would be awful. I certainly wouldn’t want Hillary committing ‘suicide’  like all the people who were scheduled to testify against her.

Barry Soetoro (previous President) – I hope Barry receives an invitation to run for President of Kenya. What could be better than becoming the leader of your country of origin. After his election and coronation Barry and his family could reside in the lap of luxury while living in the Presidential hut. Free medical treatment from the local government paid witch doctor and free schooling for his children at the University of Kenya. Bon Voyage Barry, I don’t miss you even a little bit.

Jerry ‘Moon Bat’ Brown – hippie Governor of California – Jerry baby, booby, have your people call my people and maybe we could do lunch. No? OK then, how about I hope you receive a bankruptcy notice for all the bills incurred by your stance as a sanctuary state. I mean Jerry, those criminals have to be costing you and your tax payers tons of money with their welfare benefits, education costs, defense attorneys and health care. Sorry Jerry I hope you run out of other people’s money sooner rather than later.

Colon Kapernickel – Lousy Quarterback – Yeah I know I spelled his name wrong but it is difficult typing while bending on one knee. Colon, I sincerely wish you spend Christmas surrounded by the people you profess to love the most. Cop killers, rioters, racists and other criminals. See how long it takes before you are penniless trying to fight for the rights of people who just don’t give a rats behind about anyone but themselves.

CNN and it’s on air staff – Commie Reporters – For Anderson Cooper, Don Lemon and Wolf, have a merry Christmas opening empty Christmas packages from under your network’s tree. Empty? Yep, empty as the Trump/Russia collusion you keep wishing for. Empty as your commie rhetoric. Empty as your network’s ratings.

Harvey Weinstein – Movie Mogul Pervert – Sentenced to live out his days sealed in an 8X10 room watching a constant stream of videos featuring Hillary in a bikini. That will teach Harvey manners real quick.

Al Franken – Minnesota Comedian – I hope your gift is more time as a politician. Yep, if the idiots who vote in Minnesota are stupid enough to elect you then they should be forced to put up with your representation until you die. Stupid people deserve stupid candidates and they don’t come much more stupid than you.

Nancy Pelosi – Head Witch in D.C. – I hope you receive a gift certificate for one more round of plastic surgery on that clown face of yours. My goodness honey, if that face was stretched any tighter people could bounce bricks of it. I expect you to melt any day now. Poof, no more Nancy, just a pile of plastic goo and maggots.

Oprah, Whoopi and Rosie – Ignorant TV personalities – May you receive one-way tickets to the country of  your choice. Anywhere but America where your hateful and spiteful rhetoric is no longer welcome. You can of course be accompanied by all the other disgusting entertainers and personalities who promised to leave after Trump was elected. What the heck are you all waiting for?

Mitch McConnell – Republican traitor – Well Mitch I could wish Santa brings you a spine so you might be able to stand up to the liberals but I’m afraid it’s too late for you. You need to go, so here is wishing you a happy retirement and please don’t go away angry just go away.

See I think I was downright kind-hearted in my Christmas wishes for people I despise. I can be nice when the occasion warrants it. Really, hey why you laughing…………

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