Wednesday Wisdom or Wisdumb…….

WISDUMB – Sweden has been a liberal/progressive European utopia for many years. At least according to its European Union co-members. Sweden has taken in more than it’s  share of Muslim immigrants and like many socialist ‘utopias’ they are apparently running out of money. The cost for all the benefits for these ‘refugees’/parasites has increased so much that Sweden is considering raising the mandatory retirement age so the government can tax working people for a longer time span to make up the deficit. I wonder what these socialist parasites will tax when they run out of this new-found wealth. If they keep bringing in parasites who live off the government sooner or later the money will run out again. Progressives I guess would rather be broke than be called xenophobic.

WISDUMB – According to a study published in a magazine called The Atlantic, pornography has become a major contributor to  Global Climate Change formerly know as Global Warming. Seems billions of people world-wide are accessing porn sites on the internet and the increase in electricity usage is causing these pervs to generate a large carbon footprint. Large enough to reduce the Earth to a dried up brown husk someday. Interesting since most progressives believe the myth of Global Climate change and if my memory is correct, progressives were the main supporters for keeping porn legal when the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that porn was freedom of speech and could not be censored. I love irony.

WISDOM – Chain immigration has come under closer scrutiny after the last terror attack in New York City. The fact that immigrants can help dozens of their friends and relatives  gain access to our country with little or no security assessment is quite alarming. President Trump is correct when he mentioned chain immigration does not work well with our National Security. Kudos for our President who is not afraid to speak the truth.

WISDUMB – More examples of ‘tolerance’ from Islamic countries. Seems that the newly crowned Miss Iraq and her family had to flee the country to avoid being killed. Miss Iraq’s crime, during a beauty pageant she dared to pose for a picture with Miss Israel. Wow now that is the tolerance we all know and love about Islam. As I have said before, why are we in Iraq? They will never fully embrace freedom and democracy as long as Islam is practiced.

WISDUMB – Political correctness have reared its ugly head again and this time progressives are coming after our Christmas songs. Apparently ‘Baby it’s Cold Outside’ advertises the fact that sexual harassment is not only permissible but encouraged. ‘Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer’ Shows what happens when bullies are allowed to run rampant and not allow poor Rudolph to play any games. I guess Santa needed to hire a mental health professional to counsel his reindeer and everything would have been better. These songs are Christmas classics but progressives want and need to erase traditions and history so they can control the narrative they want everyone to hear and read. My suggestion is be defiant, I do not promote Political Correctness nor do I support it. RESIST!!! Progressives and their ideas.

WISDOM – Net Neutrality is deader than Hillary Clinton’s  political career and I admit my knowledge of the rule or law or whatever it was is limited. This much I do know, the hysteria its demise caused was probably much ado about absolutely nothing. The Net Neutrality regulation went into effect in 2015. If I remember correctly, the internet functioned quite fine before N.N. took effect so I have to believe the internet will function quite fine without it. Why the hub-bub bubb? One less government regulation is a good thing in my mind.

WISDUMB – Well California how are you liking that mandatory minimum wage raise now? California has more progressives than you can shake a dead cat at. Leading the way with bad progressive ideas turned into bad laws California mandates $15 an hour be paid minimum across the state. A recent study showed this pay increase will cause a loss of 400,000 jobs statewide especially in the food service industry. Progressive ideas, failing since F.D.R.

WISDOM – To the Religion News Association for naming President Donald Trump as Religion News Maker of the Year. The association cited President Trump’s direct discussions on Islam, his support for Christian Muslims and his tough stance on terrorism. If I had a vote I believe Martin Luther would have been my choice. His Reformation led to many changes that affected the entire world. But having POTUS as the front runner is Ok with me. So glad Pope Francis didn’t win. He is nothing more than Bernie Sanders in robes and a beanie.

WISDOM – To the HallMark movie channel for producing great family movies for the holidays. The movies are funny, romantic and family oriented and free from the usual network BS the major entertainment channels offer

WISDUMB – To the web site Slate. They recently called the Hallmark channel racist because their movies were family oriented and free from progressive political correctness. Slate believes Hallmark shows are only for white people because there is a lack of black characters. Not true as I have seen several Hallmark movies with black characters. Then again the truth doesn’t bother progressives when they attack a target. Slate also complains their are not enough gay and transgender characters for their liking. Well how about this writers, readers and supporters of Slate, don’t watch. There are plenty of channels with the garbage you call entertainment for you to view choose one of them.

Till next time……………………………..


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