Fake News or Fact? I Report You Decide……….

1- Like most men my age (early 60s) I sure am glad I grew up when I did. Women have become even more of an enigma then they already were. Young guys trying to figure out what a woman wants now-a-days are probably more confused than ever. Things are so bad with all the sexual harassment stories that I suspect sometime in the near future sex robots are going to be accusing their owners of sexual harassment.

2- Saw an interesting Facebook post the other day. Apparently Caitlyn Jenner is accusing Bruce Jenner of sexual harassment. Caitlyn’s statement outlined how Bruce has been touching her for years without her permission. Sad really sad. Also started me thinking about people with multiple personalities. They might be sexually harassing themselves and not even know it. Explain to me again why being transgender is not a mental health issue?

3- Now, maybe it might seem insensitive but I have read a question on the internet that asks “Japan, Nuked too Much or Not Enough” The title is usually followed by a unique or odd story about what is going on in Japan. So I guess this next story might fit the question appropriately. Apparently there is a publication called Archives of Sexual Behavior Japanese version and it summarizes a study concerning macaque monkeys who are engaging in sex with deer. OH DEAR!!! Apparently these monkeys are just as confused as humans when it comes to sex. Young monkey virgins with who can’t find sex partners are apparently ‘practicing’ with the deer. I guess as long as no money changes hands during these encounters and the creatures involved seem to be consenting venison who are we to judge.

4- Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, except at the University of Minnesota. Fearful that some progressive snowflake will feel threatened by the religious themes present at this time of year the school is suggesting a generic winter celebration be held. The rules suggest no specific Christmas or Hanukkah decorations, staying away from any red/green decorations, no bows or gift wrap on packages and no Christmas specific music. They encourage everyone to have a safe, religious free winter holiday. Wow there are a lot of Islamic followers in Minnesota and these rules seem to fit most Islamic countries requirements for foreigners. Co-incidence? I think not. Come Minnesotans, RESIST!!! Celebrate the way you want not how some creepy progressives feel you should.

5-  Orchard Park N.Y. has a serial criminal on the loose and the authorities are using cameras, increased patrols and asking citizens to say something is they see something. Residents are afraid the crime spree will affect their children’s health and the quality  life in Orchard Park. What dastardly deed is this criminal committing? He is a serial pooper….. Yep, apparently cold weather and snow are not posing a deterrent to this mystery perpetrator who is pooping where-ever they please. I guess it really does stink to live in certain parts of New York.

6- I remember a radio commentator who I listened to years ago state “If you start giving rights to crazy people more crazy people will want their rights and it will never end”. Well I guess that gentleman was correct. Our society has been exposed to trans-gender individuals like the confused Jenner person, trans-national people who identify with a nationality not their own and even trans-racial people who want to be a different race. How about this from Arizona, A father who identifies as a woman, his fiancée who identifies as a man, a son who considers himself a girl and a daughter who thinks she’s a boy. Yet they consider themselves to be very traditional people. Yeah on what planet.

7- Patients sometimes have a right to be worried about what happens to them when they are sedated for surgery. Apparently a surgeon in England has been signing his organ transplant work for years by burning his initials in the organs he transplants. He was finally caught after a 2nd transplant of a liver to one of his patients found the doctors initials burned into the removed organ. When confronted the doctor admitted his signature habit to hospital management which suspended him. Can’t even trust doctors anymore. Of course England has true government-run socialized medicine, co-incidence, I think not.

8- The FBI has come under fire recently for doing investigations on behalf of politicians that agents support and also for covering up wrong doing by the Clinton Crime Family. Now further questionable behavior has led to a FBI agent getting caught in a questionable moral dilemma. Seems an FBI counter-terrorism supervisor is under investigation because after a night of heavy drinking a stripper stole his gun, cash and $6000 Rolex. As a matter of fact the agent in question was too drunk to even file a report detailing the incident. As a supervisor he had a subordinate file the report. Several things bother me here, this idiot lost a .40 Caliber Glock which ain’t cheap, some cash and a $6000 Rolex? Sounds like he might be getting paid a bit much considering what a moron he is.

9- The Los Angeles City Board of Animals wants to place all dogs in shelters on a vegan diet. The head of the board feels feeding dogs food containing other animals that were killed is just wrong. It might even affect a dog’s sense of worth or hurt his feelings. I don’t know sounds like criminals in California’s prisons get more rights than stray dogs. Those prisoners can eat meat and have a healthy diet. The only crime these poor dogs committed is being homeless. Cruel and inhumane, you betcha……

10- Bernie Sanders has found his way into the news recently. Bernie who uses the evil capitalist system too enrich himself and enable him to shout out to his followers how great socialism is, is apparently worried about our military. Old Man Sanders is upset that our military is not focused enough on helping stop Global Warming. He basically feels we need protection from the weather. What Bernie would like to see if I understand his concerns is every service member in the U.S. Military be equipped with an umbrella in case of rain and a comfortable Hawaiian shirt for when the temperature rises to Global Warming levels. This will better prepare our military to face our enemies. I got a great idea Bernie you keep thinking and offering suggestions and I’ll keep laughing. After all you are a funny guy.

All these stories have some basis in fact. At least they were on the internet and even without net neutrality that has to mean they are true? Doesn’t it……………………….?

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