Wisdom or Wisdumb……

Wisdom  = Good                                                                                             Wisdumb = Bad

WISDUMB: Alabama voters didn’t have much of a choice with Doug Jones vs Roy Moore. However, Moore did  uphold Alabama’s laws as a judge and I believe overall had a better record for following the wishes of Alabama’s citizens. Don’t know much about Doug Jones but I do know he supports a woman’s ‘right’ to kill her unborn child so that is all I need to give Alabama voters a negative grade.

WISDUMB: To Akayed Ullah for attempting to bomb a New York City subway. His family also gets the bad rating because they complained about the brutal treatment Akayed and family members ‘suffered’ thru when the police arrested the idiot bomber and questioned his next of kin. News flash for Ullah’s family, your kid tried to murder innocent civilians so no-one really cares about you or his feelings getting hurt. Luckily for commuters this fool did more damage to himself than to other people. Hopefully this is a sign that ISIS recruiting standards have been lowered to include fools who are more likely to blow themselves up instead of anyone else. Allah be Praised……

WISDOM: From Benjamin Netanyahu “If the Arabs put down their weapons today, there would be no more ‎violence. If the Jews put ‎down their weapons ‎today, there would be no ‎more Israel”. What a wonderful bit of common sense on the Israel/Arab peace process. Great words from a great man.

WISDUMB: Ah Philadelphia, the city of my birth and where I spent 3 decades of my life. Well the city council of Filth-d-del-phia would like to pass an ordinance to ban stores that sell alcohol from doing so behind protective bullet proof glass. Seems this glass gives customers the wrong impression by making it seem they might rob the store. This especially makes people of color feel oppressed and distrusted. Well I guess I can see their point. Crime is a big problem in Philly and we wouldn’t want criminals to feel discriminated against. What a minute, NO you idiots on the city council!!! Businesses need protecting in your crime ridden city or they will move elsewhere. What a bunch of morons. Oh by the way the city council has a large majority of Democrat liberal representatives ‘serving’ on it. Coincidence, I think not.

WISDOM: Roy Moore lost his bid for election but he did mention one comment that I believe he is almost totally correct about, but I would add a disclaimer to what he said. Mr. Moore believes that Muslims shouldn’t be able to run for election in our Senate or Congress. I agree except for the fact that I would have no issues with a Christian Muslim running for office because they are not a danger. Followers of the violent religion Islam however are a threat and I would welcome any law that would prevent these potentially violent individuals from running for any political office in America. Whether we choose to believe the truth or not we are at war with Islam and electing the enemy is never a good idea.

WISDOM: In Everette Pa. a mystery man has struck for the 2nd year in a row. But it’s all good, the mystery man only known as Santa B. to Wal-Mart employees in Everette has paid off $40,000 of lay-a-way gifts for various people who shop Walmart. Whoever this man is I say Merry Christmas stranger and I greatly admire your charitable spirit.

I guess thats a wrap. As always the opinions expressed in this blog are mine and mine alone. They are based on what I have experienced, researched and think. Political correctness is not one of my available services.





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