CNN America’s Funniest News Network…….

President Trump’s election has brought a wealth of entertainment to Americans by way of just how funny the mainstream news media has proven to be on a daily basis. For instance, on Friday December 8th CNN reported on a story that was a blockbuster for the network in proving Trump conspired with the Russians to steal the election from St. Hillary Clinton and the Democrats. CNN was absolutely positive it had proof of President Trump’s guilt. CNN ran with the story and eager to join in on the frame-up MSNBC, ABC and others reported the story as fact. Just one problem, CNN had the reported dates wrong. They reported Donald Trump Jr. received an e-mail with an encryption key so he could access Wikileaks info before Wikileaks published the info themselves. According to CNN Trump Jr. received his pre-release notification and encryption key on September 4th, people in the Trump Jr. camp offered evidence that the e-mail from Wikileaks was actually received on September 14th well after the info was already public knowledge.  CNN and other Democrat party NEWS affiliates were so anxious to get the scoop they forgot to verify their sources as being correct or they simply made the whole story up. If anyone really needs a good example of what a poor loser looks and acts like just listen to CNN and its Main Stream News Media buddies along with the Democrat party leaders who still after a years worth of time just cannot and will not accept last November’s election results. Sad and pathetic.

Terror struck New York city although luckily no one was killed but a few individuals were injured when a pipe bomb set off by a Mohammedan, exploded near a subway passageway during rush hour. Actually the only one injured seriously was the terrorist who prematurely detonated his device. Thank God for stupid terrorists I guess. Once again the usual BS on the news about not condemning all Islamic Muslims who are just confused by their radical beliefs. Islam is not and never has been a religion of peace. Wish some network would be honest and report it like it is.

Back to CNN again shortly after the idiot terrorist struck in New York they ‘broke’ another major news story proving how President Trump just wasn’t a normal human being. What evidence did CNN have this time? Well my fellow Americans it seems President Trump drinks up to 12 Diet Cokes a day!!! Oh the shame of it all. That’s right, they interrupted breaking news on a terrorist attack to focus on the Diet Coke habit our President suffers from. WOW how CNN’s viewership is anywhere near double figures just boggles my mind.

Anderson Cooper one of CNN’s star ‘commentators’ used his program Monday night to slam President Trump for commenting about the news media in America deliberately misleading Americans with fake news stories. Cooper like most CNN staff believes their network is fair and balanced when it comes to reporting on the President and they don’t understand why he doesn’t seem to like them. Well Anderson, if you actually had anything truthful to report the President and his supporters might actually think you are fair and balanced. However since all you can uncover is unverified news reports supposedly leaked by unnamed sources that can’t even get the dates correct…well fella I guess you are nothing more than a Democrat loving, propaganda spewing moron. With absolutely no credibility or an honest bone in your body.

Just a few examples of what passes for news today in America. Americans do have Freedom of the Press to be thankful for and I guess that freedom extends to news networks who enjoy making fools of themselves on a nightly basis. Too bad Anderson Cooper and his colleagues seem to be attempting to put political comedians out of business but hey, competition is a good thing right? Till next time……….


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