I Didn’t Know That, Christmas Edition…..

Enough poking fun at progressives, socialists, liberals and anyone else who deserves scorn and ridicule, Christmas is quickly approaching so how about some little known Christmas facts.

Christmas Trees:

Did you know that according to legend, Martin Luther is credited with being the first person to decorate a Christmas tree. He apparently enjoyed watching the stars in the night sky thru the branches of a fir-tree and as a treat for his children brought a tree home and decorated it with candles.

Germany is known for many things, for instance Oktoberfest, making David Hasslehoff a super-star, and of course lederhosen. However Germans are also credited with creating the first artificial Christmas trees. Original versions were made with dyed goose feathers to simulate the needles of a pine or fir-tree.

Franklin Pierce the 14th President of these United States is credited with being the first President to have a Christmas tree in the White House. How about that a Democrat celebrating Christmas instead of some made up multicultural holiday like Kwanzaa.

Christmas Decorations:

According to a Polish legend a spider wove a blanket for Baby Jesus and because of that spider webs were a common tree decoration in Poland. Many Polish people consider spiders to be symbols of goodness and prosperity.

Ever wonder why a majority of Christmas ornaments are round? Apparently the original ornaments were apples that symbolized the Garden of Eden.

India is maybe 2% Christian yet Christmas is a national holiday celebrated by just about everyone. One tradition that is observed is lighting lamps along walkways and roofs of homes. How about that a country that actually recognizes people celebrate differently and they embrace that fact not complain about it like atheists in America.

More Christmas Facts:

‘Jingle Bells’ written by James Pierpont was originally titled ‘One Horse Open Sleigh’ and did not become a Christmas hit until well after the song writers death.

In England from 1647-1660 Oliver Cromwell made the celebration of Christmas illegal because he considered December 25th as too holy for any celebration. I guess we know who got coal in their stocking during that time period.

Alabama was the first state in America to declare Christmas an official holiday in 1836. Rumor has it that to celebrate the declaration buggy races were held and were possibly the earliest form of NASCAR racing in the South. (Maybe not but it could be true, right?) The rest of America didn’t declare Christmas a national holiday until 1870.

In Greenland they celebrate Christmas as well as weddings and birthdays with a traditional dish called Kiviak. Apparently preparation is the key to serving delicious Kiviak. The dish consists of stuffing a seal skin with up to 500 auks (tiny black & white ducks) feathers and all. As much air as possible is removed as the stuffing progresses before the skin is sewn closed and sealed with seal fat to help repel flies. The Kiviak is then hidden in a pile of stones with a large rock placed on top to keep air out and mark the spot for future retrieval. Over the course of the next 3 months the auks ferment and apparently you have an ‘appetizing’ Christmas meal. Hmm-mm……. I think I might stick with my traditional Christmas ham this year. I assume Kiviak is an acquired taste.

All research was done thru Wikipedia and https://greenglobaltravel.com/christmas-traditions-around-the-world/

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