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California has long been thought of as the ‘land of fruits and nuts’. As time goes on it’s readily apparent just how true that description is. Recently at a political rally, Nancy Pelosi had this to say ” I want every single California Republican to understand this. Your ideology doesn’t come first. Your party doesn’t come first. The PEOPLE come first. If you fail to recognize that, you don’t belong here”. Now we all know Nancy is a liberal/progressive harpy who never met a tax she didn’t like. However when the state you represent is facing a huge loss in tax payers because of increased taxation and your policies that treat illegals better than its own citizens, well baby you are just too stupid to describe. Many Republicans are leaving California as well as Democrats who find their lost common sense. If I were President Trump for a day, I would not only accept California seceding from the U.S.A. I would expel the state and cut all federal spending off immediately. You want a progressive utopia out west, have at it. My theory is they would be bankrupt in less than a year and begging to come back to the U.S.A.

Jerusalem has been officially recognized by the U.S. as the capital of Israel. Congratulations to President Trump for keeping a campaign promise and also doing something that was promised by several other Presidents who apparently didn’t have the backbone needed to follow thru. Yeah I know, progressive idiots will complain the so-called Peace Process has been jeopardized and the goat herders in Palestine will protest and burn American flags, SO WHAT. There is and never was any chance for peace in the Israel/Palestine area anyway. Decades have been wasted attempting to bring peace to the region when all evidence points to Palestinian leadership and their allies in Iran not wanting or planning on ever agreeing to a peaceful resolution with Israel. Kudos to President Trump and as far as Palestinian leader Abbas, keep your barbarians in check fella. We know you and your people hate us so frankly we couldn’t care what you or your people think about this decision.

I love it when traitors prove they are traitors. Outgoing Arizona Republican Senator Jeff ‘the liberal’ Flake recently donated money to Doug Jones a Dumbocrat (spelling intentional) who is running for election in Alabama. Thanks Jeff for proving what a lowlife you really are. Glad you’re retiring and will be out of the Senate.  Please take that useless John McCain with you. Good Bye and thanks for nothing.

Hi my name is Joe and I……used to be an NFL fan. Luckily I did not need a meeting of any kind to break my NFL habit. Sports talk radio especially the progressive liberals at ESPN made the break easy. Also the internet sports columnists who wrote article after article supporting Kapernick and the protesting players helped greatly with my decision to break the habit. After the first few weeks of the season I found I had no urges to check scores or results and actually enjoyed reading about the game’s ratings decline and low attendance figures. Probably because that meant I wasn’t alone in breaking the NFL habit. Even watching as Commissioner Goodell and the NFL team owners allowed themselves to be extorted to the tune of almost 90 million dollars for racist charities that pretend to be socially beneficial put a smile on my grizzled old face. Now a further implosion from the NFL is making me laugh as the owners just gave Roger Goodell a new contract paying him 40 million dollars a year. Great job guys rewarding failure makes for interesting reading.

I know there is plenty of evidence to support indicting, prosecuting and punishing several political representatives that broke the law during the previous President’s reign. I also know that most politicians are unfortunately above the law and will never serve time for their crimes. That doesn’t stop me from fantasizing about being a judge and what punishment I would hand out to traitorous and treacherous politicians. So here is a list of Should Be Felons and the punishments I believe best fit their crimes:

Ex-President Barry Soetoro (Yeah I know he has a Mooselim name now), for inciting race riots in several American cities with your racist and divisive rhetoric as well as support for criminals such as Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin I hereby sentence you to 15 years to 30 years in a prison nudist colony. Sentence to be served with your wife Michelle. Enjoy being reminded everyday that your wife is a ‘bigger man’ than you will ever be. By the way, Michelle gets a sentence because of the school lunch fiasco she created. Poor kids across the country had to eat what Mooch thought was healthy. Cruel and inhumane if you ask me.

Hillary Clinton, I find you guilty of treason for improperly securing top-secret information sent to you by e-mail, I also find you guilty of bribery since your ‘charitable foundation’ received large amounts of money that never found its way to any charity, I also find you guilty of depraved indifference when 4 Americans lost their lives in Benghazi. Your sentence is life in a prison cell equipped with IMAX TV monitors that play a continuous recording of your husband Bill stating how he never had sexual relations with Miss Lewinsky. Sentence to commence immediately.

Too many to list so I have to hand down a group GUILTY verdict to every mayor of any sanctuary city and every governor of sanctury states. You are guilty of aiding and abetting know felons otherwise known as illegal immigrants and you are here by sentenced to be deported back to Mexico or whatever country you choose where these lawbreakers came from. Your citizenship is permanently revoked. If you decide to return to the U.S. illegally you will be jailed for life as punishment for all the misery your support of illegal criminals has caused to citizens you were sworn to protect.

I guess that’s it for today. As always the opinions expressed in my blog are mine and mine alone and formed from what I research, experience and think. You all come back now hear…….




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