Federal Government Conspiracy………..

I view quite a few internet sites looking for blogging fodder and almost daily I am struck by the vast amount of money my federal government wastes on totally useless investigations and hearings. For instance, the current Mueller investigation into President Trump and his alleged collusion with Russia to steal the election from Hillary Clinton. After a year of investigations and hearings and testimony nothing has been found. Has it crossed any of the minds of these investigators that nothing has been found because there simply is nothing to be found? Apparently not as the investigation has burned thru approximately 7 million dollars and is still wasting time and resources.

Not to be out done Trey Gowdy has spent time and money investigating the Benghazi embassy attack that tragically left 4 Americans dead. The investigation found that our previous President and his Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton (where have I heard that name before) lied about the reasons for the attack and withheld rescue support that could have saved the lives of those 4 Americans. Good to know but since no one was indicted or jailed for what I would call depraved indifference that lead to the murder of 4 individuals, was the 7 million dollars spent on the investigation worth it? American citizens with even an ounce of common sense knew our previous commander-in-chief and his state department reps lied about the entire incident. Why has no one been made to pay for the needless and preventable loss of American lives?

Another wasteful investigation that makes me angry is the Hillary Clinton (that name again) E-Mail scandal. Everyone knows what she did was traitorous and grounds for dismissal or a prison sentence, yet millions of dollars were spent and the whole affair was settled with a shrug of the shoulders and a lame excuse about Hillary not actually being aware she was doing anything wrong, so move along people nothing to see here. Of course at the time the Democrats were in charge of our government and had anointed Hillary as the next President. Funny how all the cheating and cover-ups didn’t fool enough people into electing one of the most corrupt and evil people to ever be in politics. Hillary is now blaming everyone for her loss accept the person she sees everyday in the mirror. Of course that is if she has any mirrors in her home, her reflection has been know to break a few mirrors.

After thinking about the Feds and the huge monopoly the Democrats & Republicans have on our political process I think I know what is wrong with all this political theater.  Besides being wasteful in terms of time and money it distracts the public from other matters such as the slush fund that was used to settle sex harassment claims that only became public knowledge recently. How about the wars we are actively waging in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and Egypt. None of those wars was ever a ‘declared’ war yet we either have troops on the ground or supply weapons and advice to parties like Saudia Arabia and other alleged allies who want these countries under their control. Not only are we wasting money in these wars we are wasting American lives. These countries are never going to embrace democracy so what end game could possibly make the loss of life a worthy sacrifice? There are probably too many illegal and useless activities that the federal government engages in on a daily basis that common citizens have no knowledge of nor will they ever. Come on people, do you really thing the Freedom of Information Act is being lawfully applied? Conspiracy theorists are sounding like investigative reporters nowadays.

We need a strong 3rd party that will compete and fight the federal establishment. President Trump’s election has proven beyond any shadow of doubt that both the Democrats and the Republicans are allies concerned only with their own agendas, power plays and see the voters as a way to feed their greed with tax money. Wake up America, it is well past time to take back your country, not only for yourself but for your children and grand-children. Lets make America great again. Hey that’s a catchy slogan hope somebody uses it wisely someday.

Comments welcome and civil discussion encouraged. Oh, and before anybody might comment that we had a 3rd party candidate in the last Presidential election, let me point out that those so called independents were dumber than a rock.

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