Wisdom or Wisdumb………

isdom = Good                Wisdumb = Bad

Hurricane season was quite active this year with areas of the United States and islands in the Caribbean suffering devastation. Puerto Rico was hit particularly hard  and as a result has asked American taxpayers for 94 Billion dollars to recover from Hurricane Maria. I am sure the island’s citizens need as much help as we can provide. However it is also disturbing that the island’s Gov. Ricardo Rossello has recently paid 100 million dollars in Christmas bonus money to government employees. Now I don’t know much about this Gov. or what political party he belongs to and I guess I don’t care. I do find it a bit troubling that while his island’s population suffers from lack of recovery funds he uses money his government apparently does have to reward bureaucrats. Typical government thinking I guess, reward your  employees and yourself first. Gov. Rossello, I give you a rating of WISDUMB.

President Trump’s ban on immigration from Chad, Iran, Libya, North Korea, Syria, Venezuela, Somalia and Yemen was upheld by the United States Supreme Court. Only 2 judges voted against the ban, the drunken Ginsberg and Sotomayer who never met a leftist policy she didn’t like. I guess for the first time ever a hardy WISDOM to our Supreme Court. About time you slackers got something right.

The White House has actually brought back a traditional Christmas item by having a Nativity Scene once again. Kudos to the Trump family for repealing our previous President’s ban on the reason for the season. Also nice seeing Merry Christmas instead of the generic Happy Holidays. WISDOM overflow for Mr. & Mrs. Trump.

Sad news from France but not really surprising. The city of Lyon has announced it is cancelling it’s world-famous Christmas market because it cannot afford the price of extra security. I have an idea, stop allowing Islamic barbarians into the country and more specifically your city. The savings in not paying benefits to these evil minions of Mohammed will more than offset security costs and enable you to have a great Christmas market experience for tourists and citizens. Sorry your self-destructive decisions garner a WISDUMB from this writer.

Speaking of immigration, the U.S. announced it was removing itself from the U.N. program for refugees and migrants. The program allowed almost totally unvetted  immigration and went against existing immigration laws. Thanks to Nikki Haley and I assume our President for putting America first especially when it pertains to any policies the corrupt U.N. seeks to impose. WISDOM. This wasn’t an easy one for me because Haley was not a Trump supporter. WISDOM to the President for seeing something good in someone I originally thought of as a political traitor.

At first I could not believe my eyes when the headline read: London Mayor Sadiq Khan is taking a tough stance against a dangerous threat. What do my wondering eyes see here? Is this Islamic practitioner actually going to do something necessary to stop terrorism in London? Oh my!! Well I read further and what this idiot is actually banning is not terrorism or its practitioners its Fish and Chips. WHAT??? Yep, the ex-camel herder  Mayor of London wants to save people, especially children from Fish & Chips. Whats next Mayor Khan, maybe banning bacon which I believe is already more difficult to get into England than a known Islamic terrorist? Londoners, what were you thinking when you elected a Mohammedan Mayor while in the midst of a war with Islam? So I guess to Khan the “Magnificent” a WISDUMB and to his obviously brain-dead supporters, WISDUMB. Never underestimate stupid people in large groups I guess……

When I do my research for the WISDOM & WISDUMB editions of my blog I am always struck by how WISDUMB evidence almost always is more readily available than WISDOM evidence. Hopefully someday soon that will change.

As always comments are welcome and civil discussion is encouraged. I will part with a closing from an Irish comedian I always liked, the late Dave Allen “Good night and may your God go with you”…………..







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