Keeping the Faith…….

Since last Thursday’s news announcing a ‘not guilty’ verdict for the murderer of Katie Steinle I have been keeping her family in my daily prayers. The California justice system has failed to deliver justice in Katie’s case and I am angered and frustrated. Katie’s killer Jose Ines Garcia Zarate, was found not guilty of murder or manslaughter and will only serve 3 years of prison time for taking a young woman’s life in cold blood. After he serves his sentence he will be deported back to Mexico for what I believe will be the 6th time.  California is a self-named Sanctuary State and as such breaks Federal law by protecting illegal immigrants from being deported and also provides legal  help for these criminals when they are accused of crimes. This habitual criminal has been deported 5 times and each time he has chosen to re-enter our country illegally and this time sadly with California’s help he has literally gotten away with murder.  California politicians are probably patting themselves on the back for a job well done while Katie’s family suffers from the sadness of losing her forever. This situation is outrageous and all federal funding to California should be stopped immediately.

Keeping one’s Faith is difficult enough at times in today’s society. Our politicians have long ago forgotten how to govern by using common sense and expecting those same politicians to act morally is also a lost cause. I know God has a plan and I am sure He will judge Mr. Zarate for his crimes eventually, but I do feel badly for the Steinle family. I also feel badly for our country because it seems the politician’s in California are making decisions that are directly affecting the security and safety of their state’s citizens. Why there will be no penalty for their short-sighted governing policies is beyond me. God will eventually deal with everyone on an individual basis so I guess frustrating as it may be I need to leave it in His hands.

I used to think who we chose as President, Senator or even Mayor for that matter whether I supported the choice or not, my life was not going to be affected too much because I lived in America. As a young adult politics was a boring and uninteresting subject whether it be in a discussion or in the voting booth. My attention span for subjects of a political nature was somewhat shorter than a wet fart as one of my high school teachers used to say. As I matured I found the decisions these representatives made whether it be local, state or federal did affect me. Higher taxes affected my ability to live my life in a way I might desire. Laws that were passed were not always laws that protected citizens but were revenue streams for certain county departments. For instance, my wife recently received a ticket for a traffic violation, the fine was $25 but with administrative costs, a fee for EMT services even though none were required the total cost was over $75. Sure makes it evident that ticket quotas are a real police and government policy to enhance revenue. State employee unions feed millions of union dues into political party coffers usually Democratic and receive pension and bonus benefits that are well above the majority of tax paying citizens retirement plans. Federal taxes are used for items most Americans wouldn’t fund or pay for if they had a choice in the matter. Abortion, illegal immigrant support, huge salaries for elected officials etc.etc.etc. The more I looked at how America was actually run the more frustrated I became.

Keeping my Faith in God and His plan is not always easy but is a piece of cake compared to keeping the faith in my country’s political representatives. While my Faith in the Lord is strong, my faith in the majority of political representatives in Washington D.C is sorely lacking. Voting for a political outsider like Donald Trump has shown just how corrupt our leaders in Washington are as they attempt to stop any campaign promises the President was elected to accomplish. No government for the people or by the people in D.C. More like a bunch of rulers who  tell everyone else how to live while they have separate rules and live off our hard-earned money. Same for Harrisburg and other state capitals where decisions are made that keep them in office and in California’s case killed a young woman. In Pennsylvania our current governor never met a high tax he didn’t like. He also has aligned himself with state politicians in California which actually worries me a great deal. Sanctuary state madness coming to Pennsylvania Mr. Wolf?  Faith is important for living a good life. Faith in God helps us thru trying times and life’s challenges. Faith in government to provide its citizens with everything they need is a sure-fire way to allow tyranny to rule your life and take away your freedoms. Faith in God is lasting while faith in government is fleeting because it depends on man to do what is right for the benefit of all. At this time in our history I have more Faith in God than in man.


One thought on “Keeping the Faith…….

  1. My faith in God will always come before man. Great article. Tony

    On Sun, Dec 3, 2017, 9:53 AM The Skeptical Observer wrote:

    > crankychronicles posted: “Since last Thursday’s news announcing a ‘not > guilty’ verdict for the murderer of Katie Steinle I have been keeping her > family in my daily prayers. The California justice system has failed to > deliver justice in Katie’s case and I am angered and frustrated.” >


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