Improper Behavior is a Choice……………

I try my best to avoid the Main Stream News media like CNN, FOX and MSNBC etc.etc.etc.  But even the internet is filled with headlines and stories that I am just tired of seeing. Day after day, story after story seems to point out perverts in politics and Hollywood, hatred for President Trump and his supporters mixed in with pictures of some celebrity’s baby bump or risqué style of dress. Even on my phone useless articles appear, I am a devoted baseball fan who likes to keep up with off-season news and while scanning some MLB info a story appears with the headline ‘Iverson’s Wife Drops Bombshell in Divorce Hearing”!!! Who cares, he is a retired NBA player and since I don’t follow the NBA or care about someone’s divorce proceedings why is this story polluting my baseball news?  It also seems that sports journalists today are frustrated liberal commentators that would probably be happier if they were on CNN or some other propaganda network. For instance I remember Peter King when he wrote football news for Sports Illustrated, his column was filled with humor and information until our previous President ran for election in 2008. All of a sudden Mr. King wouldn’t mention my favorite NFL team’s name because he believed it was offensive, Sarah Palin jokes also polluted his column and then commentary about gun control. Nice you have opinion sir but I just wanted NFL news not social commentary. Haven’t read his column in years and well, I don’t miss it one bit.

Sexual harassment stories are an everyday occurrence. Politicians, entertainers and athletes are  being accused of all manner of perverted behavior. Some of the reports concern incidents that occurred several decades ago but finally they seem important. One constant in all the accusations with entertainers is the professionally prepared apologies. Usually written in all likely hood by a lawyer or publicist because these entertainers do a poor job of acting sincere when they read these form letter apologies. One actor Kevin Spacey now says he will seek treatment if necessary. Wait…What? Oh I get it your boorish and disgusting behavior isn’t really your fault you have some affliction that prevented you from being a decent human being. Well glad we cleared that up…. Come on, people are supposed to buy this excuse. LAME!!!

Political figures accused of bad behavior are even worse although someone here is also making money writing those form letter apologies. Al Franken for instance doesn’t recall all the instances in which he may have acted improperly but he is sorry anyway. Sounds reasonable I guess since he is a politician which is the same as a professional liar. Just my opinion. Bill Clinton accusations have been around for decades but while Hillary and Bill were popular Democrat icons those accusations were just slander from the vast right-wing majority according to Hillary. Professional lying by two of the most corrupt and hated people in politics. As a matter of fact I believe the accusations have resurfaced to ensure the Democrat party can divorce themselves once and for all from the Clinton crime family. Just a guess.

No amount of apologies should excuse boorish or improper behavior. Problem is people are fickle and what one person believes is sexual harassment may not be the same for other people. For instance, feminism has freed women to seemly do no wrong and has taught women that men are just pigs. OK, that might be accurate in some instances. But I believe personal responsibility rests with the individual. Say a young woman decides to dress in a provocative manner, she meets an entertainer at a club and receives an invitation to accompany said entertainer to his hotel room at 3:30 AM. Whats going thru each of their minds? I know, being a pervert the man is focused on having sex with this woman while she is flattered at the invitation and believes he is sincerely interested in discussing her favorite holiday recipes for the rest of the night. Come on people get a grip and choose wisely. Some people whether they be male or female can act improperly but it is a personal decision and yes it sometimes takes place because a victim may choose unwisely in placing themselves in a bad situation. Not always but I bet it happens quite often. Any behavior whether it be good or bad is a personal choice and may involve the circumstances or environment people choose to place themselves in. For instance Cokie Roberts a political reporter remarked how women reporters knew it was not a good idea to accompany politician John Conyers on an elevator ride. His bad behavior was known yet  many women chose not to tell others so the behavior continued for years. What happened to ‘see something say something’? All I am saying is we are responsible for our own choices and behaviors. Avoiding situations where something improper may happen is part of being a responsible adult. Basically the best way avoid temptation is to avoid temptation. Be aware of how much you drink. Be aware of your surroundings. Treat everyone with respect and many behavioral problems can be avoided. If someone doesn’t return the respect you give them in return then make sure someone knows about the behavior when it occurs not years later. Anyhow just my humble opinion.

Instead of following the progressive code that labels everyone with some sort of negative label like racism, sexism, etc.etc.etc just treat everyone like you yourself would like to be treated, if they are not receptive to respectable behavior just find someone who is. Personal choice in one’s behavior is key in any situation. Choose wisely my friends.


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