Keep It Simple, PLEASE……….

After more than six decades of being on the right side of the ground I have finally found the secret to living life. Keep things as simple as possible and don’t ever deviate from that plan. Stress and problems will still present challenges but, by and large these issues can be handled satisfactorily by well…keeping your solutions simple. Now this is my own personal plan designed to aid me in living my life but I think keeping things simple could probably work for a myriad of people in today’s society. One such group that I feel would benefit greatly from keeping things simple is our Federal Government.

I am independent by nature and choose to be independent politically. I have voted for only one Democrat in my life. The first time I entered a voting booth as a legal voter I voted for Jimmy Carter. It did not take the full four years of his term for me to see what a mistake I had made and to rectify that error I have never voted for a Democrat candidate again. Ironically over the years I noticed when I chose to pay attention to politics, that no matter what party was the majority in Washington D.C. most of the problems the Feds professed to be working on never seemed to get resolved. Strange since Federal bureaucracies grow faster than any other sector in America. The Feds kept expanding their reach with various departments tasked with resolving or addressing the voting public’s concerns and yet nothing seemed to change for the better. Since voters freely elected people they felt would be great representatives and leaders as far as problem resolution it seemed like no one from either party actually accomplished anything they promised. Yet these ineffective and seemly inept politicians kept getting re-elected. Talk about insanity…..

What I am going to attempt to do is offer a few ways for the federal behemoth to actually resolve issues and make things better for America’s citizens. Now first off, I do actually mean American citizens since I believe a major cause for many of America’s debt issues is directly related to illegal immigration.  So my first suggestion for our Federal reps is ENFORCE IMMIGRATION LAWS that are currently on the books. If you want a country a country needs borders and rules and laws pertaining to anyone who wants to make a life in that country. I don’t care if you have been in America for years, if you are here illegally you broke the law and need to be deported. I don’t care if you started a family here or dreamed of being a citizen or whatever, you are a criminal so out you go. The financial savings will help our deficit or maybe even pay for the border wall. Keeping immigration simple will save lives, save money and  will ensure people who come here legally will have a great chance to embrace America and assimilate into American society.

Our society still suffers from divisions concerning race and now gender. Slavery was an abhorrent practice but has been regulated to the past in America. As such, promoting reverse racism in the form of affirmative action and racial quotas will never make up for the horrors of slavery.  An acknowledged détente between the races to ensure no one  despite the color of their skin will have an unfair advantage as far as job placement or anything for that matter whether they be black, white or whatever would be a perfect place to start. No racism PERIOD reverse or otherwise. Racism whether practiced by whites or blacks is WRONG. I heard a wise man by the name of Tom Mar years ago say “two wrongs do not make a civil right”. I agree, even Martin Luther King longed for a time when “men were not judged by the color of their skin”. Excellent points by both men and we were well on our way despite government intervention to having King’s vision realized. Unfortunately our previous President governed the country with his racist rhetoric and beliefs and set us back. We need to unite and get back to real and effectual equal treatment.

Now as for the question pertaining to gender equality. Why is there even any discussion at all? God or nature has seen fit to have endowed us with two genders. Your either male or female. That’s it, end of discussion. If in the rare instance a child has organs associated with both sexes then that is a correctable birth defect. We don’t control what gender we would like to be. It just isn’t normal. Mental health professionals need to step up and say enough is enough, if you are confused about what sex you are, seek professional help to resolve your condition. There are no equality laws that need to be enacted to help you with your mental instability. Please note I did not include gays in this diatribe I only refer to people I believe are mentally ill. I will note however that gays should also take a stand for themselves and separate themselves from all the gender confused, transgender or whatever some mentally ill people are referring to themselves as today. Gays should stand on their own and not hinder their equality fight by aligning themselves with crazy people.

Taxes are another confusing and needlessly complicated issue. Whether it be federal or local taxes make tax rates a flat rate. No exemptions, no shelters just a set amount each and every citizen pays to their governments.  This would avoid support for a corrupt agency such as the IRS and save many more billions of dollars by eliminating a useless and corrupt bureaucracy. Simple is better for the tax code. Oh yeah almost forgot, one tax exemption I would support is for retired folks on Social Security. If you work all your life then you deserve to keep whatever you have in retirement free from taxation of any kind.

Another area where simple solutions will work is the area of education. Local and federal funding for education is always growing and yet our children suffer from poor educational performance on the part of teachers and facilitators. Yet, all we hear from politicians and teacher’s unions is we need to send them more money to solve the problem. I say nope, stop the insanity. If you cannot educate children with the huge amounts of funding you are already receiving then there is an issue either with allocation of those funds or ineffective employees who need to be replaced. No new funding until results are at desirable levels. Go back to basics and stop with all the useless common core or race related educational programs and actually teach useful subjects again. Hold teachers and students accountable. College is not for everyone contrary to what our ruling elite would like you to believe. If a student is having issues academically maybe a trade school or apprenticeship program could help them be useful members of society. Accountability, work ethic and employing only teachers who are effective will resolve our educational problems. Again accountability is a simple solution for effective results.

Well I guess I vented a few suggestions for our political rulers to help them actually solve problems. Unfortunately in a majority of instances government is the problem and not the solution. We actually have a large segment of American voters who are now convinced government-run healthcare will be effective. Ho-boy, I can’t even contemplate how idiotic that thinking is. Well maybe I can and will in a future blog. Anyway I made a few suggestions for simple solutions if someone else has thoughts of a similar mindset feel free to comment.





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