America’s Political Elite Hate Individuality…..

I have always believed that America was founded on the principles of freedom for all. What’s more, individuality was not only cherished and encouraged, it was also a premise our founding fathers wholly believed in. After all, until Lincoln’s tyranny in starting the Civil War all states in our United States had their own individual constitutions and were free to govern themselves when conditions warranted. Alas the Civil War and it’s aftermath ended any notion of individual states rights and in my opinion has led to the political divide our country now suffers from. My research enlightened my view of the Civil War being a method by which the Northern states were able to control the South economically and politically. The slavery issue was used to win over the hearts and minds of Northerners so they would support the war on humanitarian grounds. If slavery was the main issue why didn’t Lincoln abolish slavery in Delaware who was a member of the Union but also a place where slavery was legal? Also slavery in the South was no longer economically feasible or morally defensible and was near its end as an acceptable method of production. America was slow to realize the horrible consequences of using slaves but the North and the South were blinded by the economic benefits and as we all know greed is king even in our modern society.

The North wanted to continue making politicians in Washington D.C. rich with the proceeds from taxes and tariffs and became afraid when the South realized that Northern politicians were nothing more than greedy representatives. I actually believe that President Lincoln, the Senate and Congress at the time wanted to centralize power over all states by making the Federal government the one and only ruling authority in America. To realize this dream of one America under Federal rule the South had to be conquered to show who was really in charge of America. Individual states rights were an obstacle that needed to be removed and the civil War was the means to that end.

From Lincoln’s time until the present the Federal government has grown to unmanageable levels and continues to grow fed by greed and personal gain by politicians who govern by the politics of division and diversion. No government agency has ever been able to function without increased amounts of funding. No problem that new agencies are created to address and resolve are ever actually resolved. The Department of Education has budget increases every year yet our public education is poor, the War on Poverty created several federal agencies yet poverty is still a concern, taxes have increased and filled government coffers yet the government wants more and over the course of the last few years some American’s actually believe government-run Healthcare is a good idea. Really? Where is the proof that any agency in the Federal behemoth has ever been run efficiently or resolved a problem it was created to address? Anybody? Lines are open……. Yeah that’s what I thought. No answer possible because government doesn’t function on results it functions on problems, many of which it creates itself to continue feeding from the taxpayer feed bag.

President Trump has brought something to the White House that I had thought was long dead in politics. Trump actually seems to be attempting to fulfill his campaign promises and in doing so has exposed the enemies that the voting public have in Washington D.C. Like the South during Lincoln’s reign, people now see that both political parties are filled with politicians who by and large only serve as ‘representatives’ to enrich themselves and make life more difficult on individuals who only want to lead their lives in peace and prosperity. The Democrats label people by gender, race, education and class. Oppression and racism and economic inequality are the tools they use to control and manipulate their followers. The Republicans are even more devious, they portray themselves as being the only obstacle that can prevent Democrats from destroying America with their bankrupt ideas. Unfortunately for Republicans Trump supporters realize that the Republican leadership is populated by liars and posers who publically oppose liberal/progressive ideals but actually agree with those ideals privately. To the voting public our political class has caused all the problems our country is suffering thru and it can be frustrating for those of us with common sense to see any light at the end of this depressing tunnel.

There is light however and it comes from embracing our individuality. I for one have found I can think clearer and more soundly since I tuned out the news media. CNN, MSNBC, FOX and major network news is nothing more than propaganda spewing talking heads who offer their personal agendas disguised as news we can use. Many entertainment venues such as movies, TV and even sports offer social commentary along with what passes as good entertainment in today’s world. The NFL with players dishonorably demonstrating against our country has lost viewership and I proudly say I don’t miss it at all. If I want entertainment I want to be entertained not preached to. I register as an Independent voter so I can safely tune out the BS from both major parties. Actually I was a Tea Party member a few years ago and that experience convinced me to become an Independent. The Tea Party group I belonged to was promoting and supporting Jeb Bush in the last election. When I voiced my concerns relating to his open borders beliefs and common core support I was told he would be the favorite, so support was crucial to ensure someone else wouldn’t be nominated. After all I was told, “there are no perfect candidates only imperfect candidates who might be electable”. No Thanks was my response, I will go my own way. If you are a member of either party vote your conscience, according to your faith or as individually as possible. Don’t allow party agenda’s to poison your thoughts and always vote for the best candidate possible. I have learned that voting for the lesser of 2 evils is a no win proposition and I no longer vote if both choices are less than I would like as my representative. Thinking for yourself is the best way to fight the tyranny of our Federal government. Individual thought is the last stand for anyone who wants the freedom that was promised by our founding fathers and the equality our creator endows upon us.

As always the opinions expressed in this blog are mine and mine alone and are formed by what I research, experience and think. Comments welcome and civil dialog is encouraged.


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