Local Politics Does Matter……..

I have blogged in the past concerning my thoughts on Federal politics but after reading some news concerning my home state of Pennsylvania I need to vent about my state’s political leadership.

Time travelling back to November 4, 2014 Tom Wolf a liberal/progressive Democrat defeated Tom Corbett a progressive Republican in the governor’s race in Pennsylvania. Although the poor voters had a choice of twiddle dumb vs twiddle dumber they chose dumber and apparently are now reaping what they sowed. According to several news sites Governor Wolf recently attended a secretive far-left conference in California and while there, he pledged his allegiance to far-left George Soros to resist any and all Republican and or Trump programs. That means instead of representing the voters of Pennsylvania Mr. Wolf is now a minion of one of the richest and vilest people on the face of the Earth. How you folks feeling about that Wolf election now?

I actually sat out the Governor’s race in 2014 because I considered both candidates to be bad for my state. At that point politically I felt chosing between the lesser of two evils was no choice at all so voting for either candidate was a no win proposition. Corbett raised taxes after promising he would do no such thing and Wolf was clearly a bad choice because he was a supporter of our previous President and that President’s socialist and anti-American agenda. I even warned people I knew that Wolf was a liberal/progressive socialist but since he was a local businessman and Corbett was a proven liar voters supported Wolf. So far what they received is no passable budget agreements between Wolf and the Pennsylvania legislature because Wolf wants huge tax hikes that would ultimately cripple Pennsylvania businesses and negatively impact tax payers. I guess voting doesn’t always work out for the voters since both parties are more interested in themselves to the detriment of the voting public.

Tom Wolf’s friend and ally George Soros has used his billions to meddle in European politics, American politics and he also funds terror groups such as Anti-Fa and Black Lives Matter. He is an atheist who believes religion is inherently evil and he will not rest until  Europe and America are worshipping government instead of God. Like I said he is one evil elitist who will stop at nothing to achieve his world government goals. Now our Governor is one of his minions tasked with helping him attain his world domination desires.

Need more proof of Wolf’s collusion with this Godless heathen and his plans for America and the world? Look no further than the lawsuit initiated by Josh Shapiro the Attorney General of Pennsylvania concerning an attempt to force the Little Sister’s of the Poor to provide contraceptives to women whether it goes against the Order’s religious beliefs or not. No right to freely practice your religion will stand in the way of the liberal/progressive march toward government control. Even though President Trump has repealed the contraceptive mandate from the inaccurately named Affordable Care Act, progressives such as Soros and his evil minions like Wolf and Shapiro will always be ready to waste time and tax payer dollars on squashing any disagreement with their policies. Hopefully before too much tax money is wasted a judge with common-sense and no economic ties to the liberal elite will throw this lawsuit where it belongs, in the trash can labelled oppressively bad policy.

Tom Wolf supposedly believes he deserves a 2nd term. I hope voters in Pennsylvania give him a dose of reality by denying him another 4 years. This is hopefully an opportunity for Pennsylvania Republicans to make Pennsylvania great again by opposing Wolf with a solid Trump supporting candidate to counteract Wolf and his socialist friends. Choose wisely Pa.

4 thoughts on “Local Politics Does Matter……..

  1. If I’ve learned nothing of the last few years, it’s that when you have two lousy candidates, and given the terrifying and well-funded creep of the liberal progressive left, it’s still better to vote for the Republican rather than not vote at all. I think that’s what voters in Alabama are choosing, in spite of the questions around Roy Moore.

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    1. It’s a double edged sword now a days because Republicans like McCain and Flake are actually hurting the party in my Opinion. Sometimes it seems no matter who you vote for your going to dislike the choice. Sad state of affairs.


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