But, I Saw It On The Internet……

Yesterday was a good day filled with mirth, merriment and whimsy. Today is another work day so back to the blogging and observation I cherish. No rest for the insane………

Apparently the American news media cannot give President Trump a moments piece. I read an article that described a new Trump conspiracy theory that alleged the turkey our President pardoned at the White House actually had ties to Russia. CNN could not be reached for comment but Wolf Blitzer has been assigned to investigate. Reporters are already referring to the story as Turkollusion.

Watch out for those Black Friday scams. The deals may sound good but you might be surprised once the transaction is complete. I read about a woman who purchased what she believed was an iPhone from a gentleman driving around her neighborhood in a black vehicle advertising Black Friday Sales. Sounds legit right? Well she was surprised to find the iPhone box actually contained a few sliced potatoes and an android charger. No word on whether she purchased the extended warranty.  iPhone Scam

Self taught rocket builder Mike Hughes from California, plans to launch himself into space one day soon using a rocket ship he built out of scrap metal. His goal is to take a photo while in orbit to prove once and for all that the Earth is flat. Mr. Hughes has built rockets before and while test firing one he was injured and needed a walker for a few weeks. He is highly confident his newest rocket will work and he will be cheered as a visionary who debunked the Earth is round theory. Rocket Man

Apple has a reputation for cutting edge technology and celebrating diversity. Well Apple recently fired its diversity chief because she believed white people could have diverse ideas even though they might be white. Denise Smith is a black woman and was fired for her comments after she served as Human Resources Head at Apple for over 20 years. Diversity? Maybe Not So Much.

BLM and other racist groups have been screaming. protesting and rioting while demanding that police use body cameras to improve their accountability during arrests. However, lawyers are afraid that the body cameras will actually make it more difficult to defend clients because the videos will be proof that the arrested person actually did commit the crime they were arrested for. Huh, imagine that, calling for police accountability but when it comes to criminal accountability no one seems to want it.  Make Up Your Damn Mind

Now I have found rap music and hip-hop to be void of any talent or use in our society but I recognize we are an eclectic country with something for everyone so I just choose to ignore this so-called art form and move on with my day. However it seems a rapper named M&M or Eminem or Moron is all bent out of shape because he vilified Trump during some hip-pity hop award show and our President has chosen not to respond. Huh, how about that a white idiot who wants to portray himself as a black thug is upset the President just doesn’t notice him. Sounds like a cry for mental health doesn’t it? Maybe an intervention is required, maybe other entertainers like Kid Rock or Ted Nugent need to sit this trans-racial idiot down and explain to him why he just doesn’t matter. M&M SAD

Thats it for today, my brain hurts………..

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